Steampunk, Whatever That Is

Fear of God's gear is v dope, but because of the exaggerated silhouettes and OD zippers, the brand would also probably be very popular amongst people that are, like, into vampires and adults who are really into cosplay. Or, like, steampunk, whatever that is. The fact that internet nerds who are way too into anime might want to wear this long bomber shouldn't deter you though. You're also a giant nerd who's really into cosplay too. But instead of dressing up like Ash or Goku, you dress up every day like someone who has a stable income and a borderline pathological relationship with menswear. In a way, we're all just playing dress up, my droogs.

  • Nerd

    what the fuck is with that back pocket?? you could slip a thin crust dominos pizza in there and you would still look like quasimodo. stupid and impractical like jake woolfs chocolate dildo

  • Guest

    the back pocket is really the dumbest fucking feature and ruins what is otherwise the best piece from this collection