Stephen Colbert Sons A.P.C. KANYE

We talked so fucking much about A.P.C. Kanye that it's nice to finally be able to show you something where someone actually just straight poops on the collection. And who better to deliver such sonnings than Stephen Colbert, faux political analyst and not fan of menswear? Specifically, in the above clip, Colbert goes after Yeezy's "Hip-Hop" T-shirt, a name he claims is the reason behind the shirt's controversial $120 price tag. In typical form, he then goes on to mock the shirt by claiming he will be launching his own collection of "Hip-Hop tube socks", available for $75 a pair. Being non-political, it's not Colbert's funniest work, which is unfortunate because Kanye West is such a comedy gold mine. But it further illuminates the rest of the world's view of the value of clothing, which, as expected, is way way less than ours. Oh well.



  • booger snitzle

    Anyone buying this is a idiot.

  • KCKing

    Do you think Bun B was like, “Hey fuck you man hip-hop coloring books are the shit”?

  • JG

    I consider myself part of the “us” you’re talking about and I would never purchase a $120.00 shirt just because Kanye’s name is on it.

    I consider the menswear I love to be a subculture focused on quality made clothing made with integrity. This is strictly a high fashion fad, in 10 years no one will care.

  • QS

    Straight Ether.