Stepping On Your Own Shoes

For whatever reason, Four Pins is really feeling the Adidas Gazelle right meow and while these aren't Gazelles per se (technically they're the "Campus 80's Mita"), there's nothing I can see that makes them NOT Gazelles, so fuck it, they're Gazelles. These are the type of sneakers that I would intentionally get dirty so people I think I live that "active lifestyle" and don't just sit inside all day looking at bros on the Internet. If you see some guy walking around NYC stepping on his own Adidas in the next couple on months, know that it's either me or some super fucking weirdo. Because, clearly, stepping on your own shoes simply for aesthetic purposes is some totally normal shit.

  • Marius Rosca

    this post totally changed my opinion about four pins!

  • Natian Herstine

    “stepping on your own shoes” isn’t that normally just called walking?

  • Pedro Blanco

    The Gazelle has a completely different toe…

  • Frank da Plank

    These shoes look a lot like the Puma suedes I’ve been wearing for years. So what makes em better? Is this about the brand, the shoe or the aesthetic?