Steve Nash Riding A Longboard On His Way To Go Play Soccer In The Park

The Adidas Busenitz sneaker is essentially a Samba seen through the lens of skateboarding, and that's dope because Sambas are easily one of the top "Tier Strug" footwear options of all time. This particular version is outfitted with Kangaroo leather, which may lead you to believe it's some sort of high-end model or some shit because Kangaroos exist in literally one country on the entire planet, but nah. These are totally reasonable at $80 and you would be wise to buy them. The Busenitzs are one of those rare occasions that skateboarding and soccer overlap to create something dope. Most of the time it's just Steve Nash riding a longboard on his way to go play soccer in the park aka the definition of swagless.

  • Alex Bond

    skateboarding sambas, my guy. a skateboarding samba.

    • Jake Woolf

      Good call. The tongue is the giveaway.

  • sambajack

    guys you have to stop writing about gazelles, sambas etc. As a soccer player I wear these shoes, and have since I was 5 years old. If you play them out I’ll have nothing left…PLEASE DON’T RUIN SAMBAS!!!!

    • Angelo

      shut up dude if you like a fucking shoe dont hate on it cuz other people start to.