Stop Bothering My Mini-Golf Caddy

If you don’t like Gucci horsebits, you don’t have any taste. That's a fucking fact. Just like everybody loves Raymond, everybody loves Gucci horsebit loafers. You can wear them in the boardroom, on a job interview, while brokering arms deals, you know, whatever you have planned for a typical Wednesday. I, for one, wear $900 python loafers to play miniature golf. They are perfect and really intimidate that family of four trying to play through so they can hit up Boston Market before it closes. FUCK YOUR "FAMILY TIME". I’M OUT HERE TRYNA HAVE A NORMAL DATE WITH A NORMAL SUPERMODEL AND THE LAST THING I NEED IS ANYONE BOTHERING MY CADDY.

One Response to “Stop Bothering My Mini-Golf Caddy”

  1. Scott

    yeah gucci loafers are great, but these two reminds me too much of the 55 year old new rich playboy…I’d have to say though, if u wear the green ones very stylisch and simple u could do fine…


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