Streets Ahead

Frans Boone must have all of the incriminating snuff films. Word is bond. That's the only possible explanation for why a store that features the world’s most terrifying mannequins could also have some some of the best collaborations in the game. Peep this Finamore number for instance—extra slim, mother of pearl buttons with collar fusing. It even has "collar bones". That’s right, fucking bones, not previous level stays like whatever shirt from Macy's you're currently wearing. This shirt is so streets ahead it has its own skeletal structure.

  • Name

    verbal wildfire

  • ZeroSceneCred

    I need some collars like that in my life. But seriously, they couldn’t iron the damn windowpane creases out? Schoolboy error, bro. Not cool.

  • Mad Photographer

    Steam that fucking shirt. From a photographer/stylist standpoint, this is sloppy. This is what happens when everyone wants to be a photographer stylist.

    C’mon cool kids – get it together. Learn the rules, then break them.

    Nice shirt/lighting tho.

  • Dave s

    These Finamores are just gorgeous , but does anyone know how slim they really are? I wear a slim shirt, but these are supposed to be really slim.