Stupid Questions And Bad Taste

If I actually have to sell you on these visvim joints, you have no fucking taste. ZERO. Oh, aesthetics are a matter of personal preference borne out over a lifetime? Just like there ARE such things as stupid questions, there ARE people with bad taste. And if you don’t like a ripple sole suede midtop with fringe detailing and a cork footbed, then you have categorically bad taste. I dare you to say “not feelin it, bro” in the comments. YOUR BAD TASTE WILL LIVE ON IN ETERNITY. Just like people who have Romney/Ryan 2012 bumper stickers on their cars.

  • James J. Reeves II

    Sacajawea + construction worker + sole from like a ‘Doug’ character = NOT FEELIN IT BRO (Put it on the record)

  • REP96st

    They’re like wearing Big Bird’s Beak on you feet. Sell me all you want, I would slap these joints outta your hands.

  • WAVY

    Not feelin it, bro. I could picture Justin Bieber in those.

  • Dave s

    Has anyone noticed that the Japanese love of American culture produces undoubtedly higher quality than we ourselves do, but that the resultant homages are always slightly off? Always makes me laugh. Like their Elvis impersonators. They don’t quite get it. Why? Because they’re not actually from here. They don’t live here and don’t understand our disposable pop culture. Most of the clothes feature great construction and somewhat absurd design- like these shoes.

    • Dave s

      I would like to add that this lack of a distinct design aesthetic is most often seen in their cars. They’re built to fine machined tolerances, but are rarely aesthetically pleasing. They are just slightly “off” . VisVim is the Mazda of clothes . I think most of the lack of a distinct Japanese design language stems from the resultant defeat suffered by Japan in WW2 . Since then they’ve been a country afloat, trying to find itself again. Constantly adopting other’s design language unable to define their own. This is in contrast to the Italians who are so assured of their designs- confident in who they are. While an Italian car or suit instantly screams Italy, Japanese designs are often derivative and vague.

      • The Atlas

        “Visvim is the Mazda of clothes” … oh my fucking god. I want to hurt something after reading what you no doubt just conceived as rational thought. Wow. I’d suggest that you unsubscribe from your portable Optus-USB-internet-plan and leave the internet as soon as possible. omfg.

        • Dave s

          Actually design-wise that wasn’t fair to Mazda was it? More like Visvim, with its overpriced bizarro designs is closer to Subaru huh?

          • Dave s

            Or, if you can gather up the requisite intelligence, and express yourself with something other than omfg, can you explain how they’re not like Mazda?

          • The Atlas

            It’s my opinion that when something is as misguided and unintelligible as something you’d find in a twitter post to Justin Bieber, it deserves nothing more more than ‘omfg’. I shouldn’t have you to tell you, do some research yourself before you quash one of the only truly authentic clothing brands left.

          • dave s

            Nothing I wrote was unintelligible unless you’re illiterate. And I stand by everything I wrote. If adding Gingham patches to hoodies, linen inserts to shirtsleeves , and making shoes that look like suv’s for your feet, and then charging a fortune for them, makes a brand authentic, it’s an authenticity I can live without. I’m not a supplicant of any brand. I can dress and think for myself. And trust me, I’ve been doing it for longer than you’ve been alive. I love the writing here more than the clothes, though there are many great pieces of clothing here.

          • rekab

            I dont think you have seen much of visvim’s product if you are going to lump it all in to one generalization like that. Thier accessories and footwear are actually over all pretty nice. The shoe above, I will agree, is an atrocity and looks like a potato with a rat tail coming out of it. However their boots are made well and the design is usually spot on. Saying the brand is like a mazda when its built like a benz makes you sound a bit ignorant when it comes to the actual quality of the product.
            Once you see the light at the end of the tunnel aka your ass. Check out some of Visvim’s product in person. Then look down, past your boot cut denim, at the Sketchers youre wearing on your feet. You notice the difference in quality.