Stussy Spring/Summer 2013 Featuring Adrianne Ho Will Make You Hate Yourself

I won't even front like I'm actually posting this because of the clothes. I mean, that may be, like, 26.5% part of the reason, but let's really get down to the other 73.5%. Stussy Vancouver just put together a lookbook for their S/S 2013 collection featuring everyone's favorite streetwear museā€”the always hotter-than-any-girl-you've-ever-slept-with Adrianne Ho. What's cool about this is, even if you got all the gear featured for free you'd still undoubtedly hate yourself for being so alone. And that, my friends, is how you know a woman is attractive.


    All these scrubs need to step off Jake’s territory.

    • Ralph Waldo Hennessy

      lucky bastard

    • Alex Rudkovsky

      lol what are you his enforcer? you need to hop of his dick bud!

  • Alex Rudkovsky

    while i think adrianne Ho is incredibly hot. I do however, question her how you say “physical prowess” Most of her shots are a combo between stylish appearance and this alleged athleticism. Adrianne prove me wrong!! sign up for a NYC race! but leave your #1 fan jake at home no need for him to run after you snapping pics!

  • shrek

    she looks like an altmer

  • RockyBalboa


    • Queef Richards

      im sure shes never heard that one before