Style Evolution Of The Douchebag

For centuries he has been "that guy." From an early age he would get a little too competitive playing tetherball or Marco Polo. In high school he played team sports and acted like it made him better than everyone else. In college he partied way too hard and got himself into a bunch of fights. Today he might have a respectable living as a telemarketer or some pyramid scheme that he keeps trying to rope unsuspecting people into. But by night you can bet he's at the club chasing Jager bombs with Red Bull vodkas and convincing unwilling girls to down shots of flavored vodka. Yep, we're talking about the douchebag. While his uniform has changed over the years, his mannerisms have not. Herewith, a brief history of gear that these overcompensating, hypermasculine idiots have worn. This is the style evolution of the douchebag.

  • Tiago

    For me the typical douche wears: tank tops/way to deep V’s, so he can show off his muscles… ripped jeans, with words on the ass and timberland boots over the jeans. Complement the style with diamond hearings and a crucifix necklace.

  • Julian

    ^^^HA!! Ur an idiot Tim’s don’t make u look like a douche neither do religious pieces

    • Tuna Ghost

      Struck a nerve, eh?

  • MaG

    Ed Hardy reigns supreme in the colony that is douchebagdom. king of all kings be damned.

  • AMY

    Bonobos-yes. High waisted pants and a name that belongs to the pygmy chimp. Gross

  • Enenjay

    This is just about the best thing I’ve read on here. Douchebags have been called out before, but this really lays it all out. Also, thank you for confirming my suspicions about Bonobos.

  • Dan

    Ouch. I think Bonobos has been a step in the right direction for internet brands. While they have sort of a quirky marketing campaign, their fits are spot and hardly need tailoring. Customer service is top notch as well.

  • Me

    I would rather be dressed like Scott Disick than a hypebeast douchebag. Call me crazy, but I would rather look proper, than look like a 16 year old sneaker head.