Supportive Friends

I can get down with oxfords like this Uniform Experiment button down because they vibe very relaxed and casual. You could totally wear this shirt pretty much anywhere. If people are like, "Nice stripes, bro. You a fucking Easter egg or something?" you need to start hanging out in new places. For real, surround yourself with positive influence and watch your successes just pile up. I'm such a supportive friend. One of my friends was like, "I'm gonna quit smoking cigarettes and just cutting back on the whole going turbo thing for a while," as he turned down an invitation from one of our mutual friends to go hit the bong instead of attend a lawn party. So, like any supportive friend would, I got really disappointed and blamed it all on his girlfriend. Shouts to Union for styling this shirt in a very prep school lax gawd who just jumped out of the showers and is about to hop into your girl's Volkswagen Cabriolet to get a handy at the planetarium laser light show type manner.

  • Dan

    Prep school lax god description is on point for this thing

  • danielheard

    Hey UE you forgot write your brand name real big across the back. How will my trendy friends know who made my dope 328 dollar oxford with only 2 stitched logos, collar tag and a screen print similar logo. Weak.

    • easystreet

      youre kidding right

      • danielheard

        AM I?