Supreme Founder And Legendary Hermit, James Jebbia, Gives His One Interview This Year

While Supreme New York has flourished as a business since its inception in 1994, founder James Jebbia has consistently resisted the urge to become the de facto "face" of the brand. Even in a world that demands transparency from labels via the various channels of social media, in the 20 years since Supreme has been around Jebbia has only given a handful of interviews (and one tour of his insano Greenwich Village apartment), instead opting to let the products speak for themselves. It is highly likely that this preservation of his own mystery has lead to the sustained intrigue consumers continue to have with Supreme. It makes everything they do seem more magical and, simply, more interesting. In my opinion, his methods in this sense can teach a valuable lesson to fledgling up-and-comers that expect success perhaps before they've earned it. So, while rare, Jebbia recently gave Hypebeast an interview spanning a range of topics from the brand's anti-marketing marketing strategy to James's own feelings on his choice to remain a recluse even as his label's influence and popularity has skyrocketed. To read the full interview you'll have to buy the print magazine, but hey, maybe turning off your computer and phone and reading something IRL won't kill you? We're not making any promises, though.


    This guy is a nobody. I’ve been skating for 8 years and he does nothing but sell skating for reputation and money. Give back to skating, and stop taking credit for Barbara Kruger’s work you prick. Creative genius my ass, more like business capitalist.

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