Supreme x Bruce Lee Release Street Style

October 24, Lafayette Street, New York.

Photography by Michael Knapp. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Squizzy3k

    Box Logo looks a little iffy in slide two (dude on the left)

    • Nerd

      What kind of fuckboy wears fake Supreme to a Supreme drop?
      Scrap that – what kind of fuckboy goes to a Supreme drop?

      • Martian Margiela

        See slide 11…

  • booboobb

    yo Woolf hook up that guest list

    • Jake Woolf

      Am I hosting something? My bar mitzvah guest list been closed for a minute, son.

      • booboobb

        Sick bro c u there! lets collab


          Yo booga wanna collab wid y’all! I got osme kewl ideaz for a phat t-shirt. and some killer slim fit jynco jean designs. hit Me up!

          • booboobb

            BOOGAAAAA MY DUDE will hit u up bro bro, lets get woolf to model r new collab


    I really dig the supreme drop street styles. Keep em comin

  • Ryan Sullivan

    For sure this is a joke and these kids have no idea. Worst streetstyle post I’ve ever seen..

  • ehyounowhoitis

    jake coming full force with that iphone camera style

  • Andrew LaSane

    Can anyone ID the pants in slides 8-9?

  • OK_ok

    Once again… NO GIRLS.

  • yeezytryharders

    loool at the fake yeezys

  • cdlilly

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