Supreme X Jean Michel Basquiat Is A Daunting Task

If you want to read some awesome, insightful shit about Jean Michel by someone who actually knew him, read Glenn O'Brien's essay here. The rest of us have his art and the wack Jay Z lyrics and Uniqlo T-shirts to go with it. It's safe to say the millennial generation has been force fed and force sold more than enough JMB to last a lifetime, in the process making dude the incredibly unfortunate poster child for faux-culture and over-saturation. So when Supreme announced their collaboration with the Basquiat estate, they were left with the task of not only making good looking clothing with art that looks like shit on purpose, but with making them, well, not corny. In some cases they've succeeded, such as the all-over print shirt and the graphic T-shirts. As for the photo print hoodie and tee, you can be the judge. I mean, it's, like, the second photo that comes up when you Google Image search "Basquiat". Supreme x Basquiat will be sold out in a matter of seconds on September 26.

6 Responses to “Supreme X Jean Michel Basquiat Is A Daunting Task”

  1. WAVY

    I know that Glenn O’brien (who is unfuckwithable) is real tight with Supreme and all that and that he was a close friend of Basquiat etc. but that does not make this copy/paste stuff original. I mean it’s not flat out wack, but it looks like the stuff they would sell at the gift shop of a Basquiat expo.

    • eutihutnidhueq

      The corduroy trucker jacket from their 2013 f/w line is tight but that’s one of the only good pieces this year. They need to stick to interesting basic outerwear and tees.

  2. dave

    i didnt know basquiat only painted in black and white. u get the chance to collab with the dead legend and this is what you do… come on


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