Supreme x Nike Foams (With The Uni To Match)

While merely a myth until this point, the Supreme x Nike Foamposite finally has a release date. Even better than the realization that this sneaker has not been a figment of our imagination is the fact that the collection also features a pair of mesh shorts and jersey, each of which feature the same Versace-esque print in both black and red. Can you imagine if your favorite college basketball team had worn these fits as their NCAA Tourney uniforms? They'd have won the whole shit no problem, straight soaring over haters and floating in the lane like Obama. Damn, 21 Mercer University really bricked it by not repping these unis to be honest. For those amongst us not blessed with nice handles, these jerseys and sneakers are still extremely crucial to floating into that chick's DM's or into her life during a beach party, rooftop party or, really, any party where the sun is shining and beer is on tap. The Supreme x Nike Foamposite collection drops this Thursday, 4/3.

  • stfumikep

    “Skate” company dropping foams. Wut.

  • nerd-182

    You know that scene in Zoolander where Mugatu is like “I feel like a crazy person?” cuz derek keeps making the same face and everyone gushes over it? replace mugatu with me and derek with EVERYTHING supreme makes and thats how i feel right now.

    • WAVY

      There is clearly a difference between blue steel and magnum tho

  • p

    foamposits are the lames looking shoes hands down.
    You couldn’t pay me to wear them. they are so fucking corny, come on now

  • scott

    #swag ? :s

  • tony

    shorts are fire

  • WAVY

    *Katie Eary x Nike Foams

  • Mars Brownmon

    He had to have taken all of the drugs to think those calf tattoos were an idea