Supreme’s New App Better Not Ruin Any Legendary Nerd Lineups

Have you tech savvy kids heard about the new Supreme app? Do you guys think the app is as aloof and surly as the actual dudes that work the floor at Supreme's retail locations? Like, you try and buy something on the app and it takes it way too long to respond and then there’s no thank you or anything in the email confirmation. I'm typing so many praying hand emojis right now, hoping that this doesn't ruin any legendary lineup of nerds come drop day. WE NEED THAT STREET STLYE, JEBBIA. DON’T YOU DARE FUCK THIS UP FOR US!

  • k

    i would like to pay with bitcoins !

  • Robert Bacchetto

    What comes to my mind is that their heads are so far up they arse, they think we need their brand in our pockets 24/7. maybe they add a supreme themed candy crush game in the app or something, lol. #Notreally .

    • Michael Di Gennaro

      I would play supreme candy crush because it’s candy crush, duh.

      • Robert Bacchetto

        You do that.