Surfing The Same Creative Wavelengths

Dog, tight black pants are cool again. I KNOW, WHY DID WE MERCILESSLY MAKE FUN OF DERRYCK, THE MANAGER OF ANNIE'S PRETZELS, FOR WEARING TIGHT BLACK JEANS AND LISTENING TO FALL OUT BOY IF TIGHT BLACK JEANS WERE JUST GONNA BE COOL AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE? Damn, we are kinda fucking mean. Anyways, fashion is a fucking flat circle and here we are again, wearing stonewashed, shuttle loomed selvedge jeans that are overdyed black. Shouts to my mang Patrik Ervell for making these jeans slightly tapered as well. IT'S LIKE WE DON'T EVEN NEED TO G-CHAT ANYMORE, PATRIK. WE'RE SURFING THE SAME CREATIVE WAVELENGTHS.

  • stfumikep

    Fashion is Carcosa.

  • Mephisto


  • Shoofoo

    Who makes those white shoes?

    • Lawrence

      Common Projects Achilles low

      • fuccyouraunty

        he’s gonna google and be like “$400?! these ain’t even J’s!!!”

    • fuccyouraunty

      Jesus Christ

  • Hans_II

    Now to shrink my thighs so I can be #trendy