Tailgate Chic

Have you been pretending over the last few days that you have a valid opinion on the whole Alexander Wang to Balenciaga thing? “It’s a big deal for American designers in general for one of their own to be recognized by a continental fashion house.” “I don’t know, there were so many other designers available who would make a better fit.” You probably can name your favorite resort collections from 2008. Congrats. Well, then you better rep your fucking set, bruh bruh. During the runway shows I’m tailgating in Bryant Park. Instead of brats, burgers and beers, I’m gonna have cigarettes, disdain and really tiny meatballs. Because everyone likes tiny meatballs, even anorexic models.

  • http://www.mrmag.bandcamp.com MaG

    them lil’ tiny meatballs be the jump-off though…straight-up. get you a lil’ dippin’ sauce with them muh’s, and you be set. pardon my french. sh*ts is fresh.

  • Jagen

    Wish they’d come out with a throwback Dior jersey for Slimane. I’m still not comfortable with him in number 68.