Having Terrible E-Commerce Is Finally Catching Up With Luxury Fashion Labels

You know how you'll go into a store and try some shit on that you saw online because you want to see it in person, only to get cold feet, look at it a million times on the Internet later, then maybe, but probably not buy it online? Well, apparently that's called "showrooming" and it's got luxury labels like those at LVMH (Céline, Louis Vuitton) butthurt according to the Wall Street Journal. Really, this comes down to the fact that most high-end brands are still—in an age when you can essentially online shop for a booty call—completely fucking terrible at e-commerce. For all the money they have, you'd think a brand like Louis Vuitton could invest in a fluid, easy-to-shop online store. But they don't, which has lead to people buying these brands from online-only retailers like Net-A-Porter, and has almost completely stopped consumers from shopping at, say, the Louis V store on 5th Avenue. LVMH and companies like it are either going to have to change or simply be comfortable with the smaller market share that comes with being pretentious.

6 Responses to “Having Terrible E-Commerce Is Finally Catching Up With Luxury Fashion Labels”

  1. stfumikep

    It’s tow-thousand-and-fucking-fourteen. If you ain’t doin e-com in the best way possible, you’re fucked.

    • Holiday Kirk

      Unleeeess. Rare example but you want that super exclusive in store only sorta hype. I mean, you still need a fly e store but you know, physical shops have there appeal.

  2. Dillon

    Louis Vuitton doesn´t sell their shit any other places than in their own stores.

    One would´ve thought a nerd like you already knew that

    • Oppiken

      He’s referring to luxury labels and the labels under LVMH (which includes Louis Vutton AND also a dozen other brands like Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Loro Piana, Donna Karan, etc that DO sell online).

      Calm the hate once in awhile, brah.


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