The 10 Best Looks From Paris Fall 2014 Couture

"OMG IT'S OVER!!!!" you are all thinking. Or maybe you're not because you followed couture week about as closely as you followed live tweets of the cronut line. Sure, you freaked out about the Margiela revelation and pored over the street style and probably saw a jillion tweets about that pregnant bride at Chanel, but you're going to need to talk the talk. Why? Because maybe your girl wants you to take a step away from that think piece you're pitching to ("Me, My Selfie, and I: An Anatomy of Self-Portrait") and make her your think piece for a minute. Herewith, a cheat sheet for all the bros.

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  1. CoutureLvlFlo

    Wasn’t Coco Chanel’s rival Schiaparelli and not Poiret? Also thanks for the context on some of the pieces. Most girls I talk to don’t know fuck all about couture unless it’s Juicy. It’s been a pretty exciting couture week nevertheless!


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