The 10 Corny Men’s Fashion Stories You’ll Read This Spring

Ah, spring, a time of fragrant vegetation, girls finally wearing skirts and the editor or your favorite fashion magazine and/or website selling you the same recycled stories and trends you read about last year. What about the spring makes it so hard to think of originally, seasonally appropriate ideas rather than “re-imagined” classics? Venture with me on an exclusive journey inside the war rooms of the world's top lamestream menswear publications to find out how the corniest spring trend articles you’re guaranteed to see in the next month were conceived.

Lead image courtesy of Necessary & Proper

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.







  • Back Down South

    This photo is from Necessary & Proper and really bummed to see that it’s not credited…

    • Lawrence

      Thanks for the heads up. I found it by searching “lame prep man” in Google Images.

  • Geoffrey

    good. this is good.

  • John

    Shit this reminds me I need to buy some pink chinos

  • Booyah Boy

    this one was stupid

  • Anteneh Gebre

    “the essential of all essential essentials” lmaooooo

  • Derek

    Haha friday fun. Insider tip: Be early and check out You can get an overview of all your things by easily adding them to catalogues. Also, you can keep receipts, warranties, product information in just one place. Pretty neat…

  • I just sang my name in the sig

    Keep on rockin’, Angelo Spagnolo. You’re the best.

    Love, Nichooolas Graaaaaant

  • Dave Hahn

    Awesome. Fuck suits and fuck GQ and Esquire. They have decent articles sometimes but as a subscriber for two years to both, their “tips” are usually for the assholes walking around Virginia Highlands, Hoboken or wherever the fake rich assholes in your city hang out. Colored chinos are for pussies.

    • lazy_panda

      More like colored chinos are for those who are not pussies.

      • Dave Hahn

        I stand corrected. There’s nothing more manly than wearing bright yellow pants.

  • robin

    With a tungsten rings will be great

  • LamePrepGuy

    gotta love the hate for classic menswear while you suck dick for stupid trends that last two weeks because some faggy fake rapper has been wearing it for a second. That’s why classic menswear brands have been around – and their style has too – for decades while these stupid fake-cool shit brands like supreme (OMG lets throw a red rectangle on everything – now it’s cool) last a few years then get so played out fat old people at hot topic are wearing them.

    “Lame Prep guy” is chilling on his yacht in his boat shoes while you’re scrounging for used brands at thrift shops like Macklemore in your shirt that cost as much as your rent but nobody actually cares