The 11 Most Boring People In Fashion

Recently my esteemed colleagues at Four Pins (or bosses, whatever) ranked their picks for the 25 Most Interesting People in Menswear. Lists: so provocative! Where would the Internet be without them? And what would we talk about at work? Microsoft Office Suite or something?

FP’s list was fairly measured and wide-ranging—although somewhere in London right now, Ryan Lochte is staring at his chlorine-bleached American flag grill, wondering where it all went wrong.

However, as I learned from watching that Nike commercial where the overweight kid runs down a lonesome country road in what I imagine every state west of New York and east of California looks like, anyone can be great!

Therefore, without further ado, I’d like to salute and congratulate those who made my list of the Most Boring People in Fashion. But only 11, though, because I can't burn 25 bridges. Not in one day, at least.

Steve Dool is a writer based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter.

  • Free Lane

    This just made my Thursday morning….

  • GS

    Isn’t Complex Media supposed to love A$AP Rocky?

  • Ferp

    Why isn’t Terry Richardson on this list? He’s taken the same picture for over a decade now.

  • Marcus

    Take away: I’m the only not boring person in menswear.

  • Jonjo

    Casual racism there…

  • Ilyyusha

    please remove chloe and add terrry richardson to the list. the shit she did with x-girl is legendary

  • yo yo

    add nick wooster.. sick of him.

  • amyb

    Although the white people misappropriating ethnic shit should say “anyone misappropriating..”.i.e. Visvim’s (and all of Japanese fashion for the last 15 years) mouth around Native American/Americana’s balls.

  • JohnyMyko

    Where’s Terry Richardson? He’s the most overrated fashion photographer ever.

  • Rakim Mayers

    This is STUPID

  • pbcjoe

    It must be nice to be a black person who is able to blog on the internet about gay things like fashion, but I’ll take this white guy thing of mine anyday!

  • Perrson

    “pseudo introspective lyrics” fuck outta here. Kanye has experienced his lyrics.

  • J

    boring yet you felt to give them recognition….you mad that your life ain’t shit, Steve?

  • Kevin Hart Talkin’ Ass


  • ?

    Aren’t most of your writers white people? And haven’t you guys advertised various kimonos?

  • Guest

    I guess Jake will be dominating you tonight Steve, after bad mouthing his beloved Noragi

  • Kevin

    Irony of it is, when you look at ‘Steve Dool’ features with four pins, he’s clearly been assigned the most monotonous and boring topics ..

  • Dominic

    4 Pins is good, 4 Pins is life… You still miss, though, them black ninjas riding the streets nowadays, defo to put #1 on the list in the 2.0 edition of that… Enough of all-black oversized alphets everywhere

  • Dagoat Man

    My guy… how much support were you expecting to get from your mostly-white-definitely-hip-hop-centric readership by dissing A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, and white people in general?

  • sarah

    I was bored reading that shit.