The 15 Corny Men’s Fashion Stories You’ll Read This Fall

It’s a sweaty mid-August night and you’ve used the unbearable humidity as an excuse to stay up on Tumblr. Drops of moisture gather on the outside of your Code Red before falling under the weight of their existence into a puddle on your antique desk. A damp finger slides mindlessly over the trackpad. Boobs, cat, clothes, cars, some stupid music video, some new collection you can identify before seeing the caption. Something stops you. The inevitable siren song of fall: An asshole style blogger you haven’t unfollowed yet posts a picture of some bearded asshole at Piti in a belted cardigan. The caption reads: “Is it fall yet?” You stare down at the same tee shirt and shorts you’ve been evaporating into all summer. And this dude is posting about wool and shit? But you scroll on. It’s almost September and that means the influential bros as your favorite menswear mag or website are hard at work trying to figure out how the same advice they doled out last year can be repackaged in a hip and relevant form. But you’re a savvy consumer. You've seen it all before. And you can probably guess what type of article you’ll be seeing a lot of shortly.

Lead image courtesy of The Nordic Fit 

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Carlos

    LOL, This 2 good, ‘Lo.

  • f_galton

    Fur boxers.

  • An

    Statutory Crepe. I can’t.

  • FilleyOfSole

    Fantastic. Love seeing this from Four-Pins, especially consideringhow blatant the product-pushing gets and how skimpy the interviews are in many fashion magazines.

  • The Atlas

    the folio line is so true. Four-Pins, i’m loving it babby!

  • Dantana

    “Four-Pins: turtlenecking ourselves since late 08″

  • Jules

    This was amazing. I hate the format of the website (is there some way to let me use the arrow keys to toggle to the next image?), but if all of the content here is as funny as this shit I’ll keep coming back.

  • NLongsfeld

    If I see anyone in a tie in my sociology class this fall, I will punch them square in the dick.

  • NLongsfeld

    If I see anyone in a tie in my sociology class this fall, I will punch them square in the dick.

  • Guest

    Your words have convinced me to never buy Detains/GQ/Esquire again.

  • GD

    Easily the funniest writer for Four Pins