The 50 Douchiest Clothing Items Of All Time

Ah yes, the mythical douchebag. Once an easily defined species, the douchebag has evolved throughout time and space to now represents a multitude of shapes, sizes, behaviors and, of course, wardrobes. The epic rise of the Internet has only exacerbated this fact—the enormous influx of information shared has made the douchebag more clever than ever before. As this sect of assholes matured, so did their clothing choices. Items once regarded as classic staples have been unprecedentedly co-opted and bastardized, becoming symbols synonymous with ostentatious tackiness right before our very eyes. And that's exactly why we've outlined the 50 most recognizable garments in the history of douchedom, so that you are better equipped to identify, avoid and, ultimately, protect yourself against their socially corrosive ways. Godspeed.

  • traaaaaaa

    This list is so ironic , yet so fucking ignorant it makes me laugh. Whoever made this list, kill yourself.

    • Hello!

      Please don’t tell people to kill themselves ._. it’s not nice and it’s really mean!!

      • Actually, Chris

        One day when you’re not a ten year-old girl you’ll understand…

  • jesuschrist

    Half of the fucking items on this list are the items you clarify as “best” , “great”, and all that shit. Hypocritical cunt you are, my friend.

  • MuscleMane

    what the hell is left…

    • Matt

      being boring.

    • alvd

      womens clothes

  • Geppetto

    Wow…this list is reaching on quite a few items. There are some douchey things going on here, but for real…a carabiner keychain? Cargo shorts?

    • Sir

      cargo shorts are the ultimate douchebaggery/person who can’t dress

      • Geppetto

        See, I can’t agree with that. Leather shorts? Yes. Capris? Yes. I’ll cut cargo shorts a break on this one.
        “People who can’t dress?” I’d reserve that title to people who wear moisture-wicking golf attire everywhere they go.

      • thetrilltroll

        Jun Takahashi wears cargo shorts and he dresses well, I got a Undercover one and I do dress well. Just check out my WAYWTs on SUFU.

      • thetrilltroll

        Jun Takahashi wears cargo shorts and he dresses well, I got a Undercover one and I do dress well. Just check out my WAYWTs on SUFU.

  • Carlos

    LOL, I had Chacos in my Amazon cart yesterday but opted for cheaper Adidas slides instead. *infomercial voice* Thanks, Four Pins.

  • fuck you

    you’re a douche

  • yabish

    nothin’ wrong with 5 panel hats, fuck boy

    • thetrilltroll

      You shouldn’t be wearing them if you are 21+ they also look funny stick to Ebbets Field Flannels.

  • yung_based_cloud

    this list should be called “shit a dude who my girlfriend fucked and left me for owns.” what a fuckboy whoever made this shitty list.

  • Taylor

    Am lost! It’s funny but this post is very contradicting. And very angry!

  • austotuneZz

    Turns out you need to be naked to not be a douche

    • Andrew

      Why is everyone in the comments section raging? I do not own any of the above items.

    • Sir

      y’all some fags for getting pissed at this

      • Christopher Shawn

        Sir, how far does the author have his hand shoved up your as that you feel the need to be his personal puppet?

    • Sharper Living

      I have to say, Seersucker trousers are extraordinarily comfortable, and far better in summer than jeans/chinos/shorts.

    • MurderToExcellence

      LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Perfect comment

    • bruh

      hah if you think your clothing options are only limited to these 50 items i feel sorry for you

  • MJS

    raw selvedge?

    • Sir

      this is the only justifiable comment on this page

  • Notorious

    So everything is douchey? This list just makes you sound like you hate the world. Let people wear fucking sweatshirts, jeans and cargo shorts, who is this person to say an article of clothing defines you as a douchebag? Not everyone needs to dress like a hypebeast, the guy who wrote this sounds like an actual douche

    • Sir



    Some points on the list are great, and JUST what I had been thinking for a long time. Some “try hard menswear shit” really appeals to me, like nonchalant and subtle pocket squares.

    Some are just there to bump the list up to 50, and make us spend more time on their site.

  • suril.

    This site is so shit you can’t view anything cus of the ads!

  • whtTees

    I’d like to see what this kid wears lol the first half was funny tho

  • Sus (Pronounced Sooz)

    Lmfao the 5 Finger Shoe douche description is so accurate though.

    • Sir


  • Themediabull

    I guess if some of these objects had a “Mark McNairy”-tag they would be considered cool by you guys

  • louisbh

    pathetic. this is the least productive waste of internet space I have ever witnessed. A bunch of self-righteous clothing snobs telling everyone how to be cool. The worst thing about the person who wrote this and the disease of their type in general is they themselves have done nothing – created nothing, invented nothing produced anything. All they can do is critic, their job is literally picking apart the creations of others- they are the lowest form of creation, walking breathing anti-matter that expel their polluted unoriginal opinions on things into the web-sphere, in order to gain attention and get “likes” and positive feedback- what a bunch of self-loathing faux ironic nerds, spending their life trying to be cool, what is less cool than that- they deserve our pitty not our praise.

    • pick a name they said

      I want this comment to be on a front page newspaper and everywhere where anything exist.

    • lol

      hating on people who you accuse of doing nothing but hating other people on the internet.

      thanks bro

      • louisbh

        That is called a circular argument I could just as easily say you are “hating on me”, you are not making a point?

        • nosferatu

          don’t flatter yourself, he doesn’t give a shit about you bro, let alone “hating on you”

    • Kevin


    • Dave Hahn

      He made this list.

  • Ho Malone

    At least when James Tirado hated on people it was funny. Welcome to the Four-Pins, bitch.

  • Bo

    Suspenders made this list?! Really? C’mon now. And aviators? What?! What other classic sunglasses style is appropriate for pretty much every face shape? The rest is just terrible as well.

  • Bo

    And another point-selvage denim? Pocket squares?? Unbelievable…

  • O.T.

    don’t give a fuck most of this is true 😛

  • comedousedinmud

    Wait, what is douchey about someone wearing their college sweatshirt?

    • skifman206

      i guess the writer must not have gone to college to find that douchey

  • lelders

    ITT: Butthurt douches

    • jamal


  • 10 minutes i’ll never get back

    i’m sorry but what straight man judges another by wearing “boot cut jeans”? gtfo……….. “Gawd Larry, please tell me those are not boot cut!” *rolls eyes*

  • Ibrahim

    Why is raw selvedge on this list?

  • jack

    Anyone else find it funny how Jake’s previous post about the best things on Mr. Porter’s sale features:
    1) A Super Expensive Lux Motorcycle Jacket
    2) A Super Expensive Varsity Jacket
    3) A Super Expensive Pair of Fashion Sneakers
    4) A Super Expensive Fedora like hat
    Care to explain bruh?

  • Mel Mel

    Get a grip people! It’s all in good fun. I find the list hilarious. My bf wears a few of the items on the list or has in the past. Even I wear aviators. Whatever you decide to wear just don’t try too hard and you’ll be fine.

  • Armando

    Stop yelling at me! I hate your writing!



    • Sir

      you aint lil b

  • Zain

    BLUD! This list contradicts half of this site. You’ve hit a low point Four Pins.

  • queb

    Fashion parody shirts is #1 as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen anyone wearing one in real life aside from the Commes Des Fuckdown ones but they certainly are the scourge of online shops.

  • Kal Renagade Robinson


  • SAM

    We need Lawrence up in here

  • Hurb

    Fuccboi author better post a fit to critique.

  • mimay

    What to wear then?

  • Pyrex

    KTT we out here


      LOL SAME

  • Jakewooolf biggest fan

    Funny how more than half of the stuff he considered douchey, he wears them himself. You really should add wearing Nike running shoes and Canadian tuxedo to the list too buddy

    • Dave Hahn

      Why don’t you grow a pair and post non-anonymously, tough guy?

  • greg

    i’d love to see what the person wears who wrote this…. i’d assume nothing.

  • scott

    Nice list! I would tend to agree with many of them. Sports shirts are for sporting events. Giant belt buckles unless at rodeo or wrestling/boxing. But some (cargo shorts) are just shorts people “that don’t really care what they wear” wear. But aviators…well I kind of agree too, but I’m still gonna wear them!

  • Chad

    Pocket squares, cargo shorts, raw selvedge and tank tops? I don’t get it.

    • Guest

      You’re name is Chad tho…

      • Guest


      • William

        And what does his name has to do with anything?

  • Josh

    Wow, there’s a lot of comments on this one. I don’t know if all of these items are specifically douchey? But the majority of them are for sure ugly or bad clothing to wear. In the case of raw selvedge and other items, I think he’s just saying you need to not have a specifically douche attitude toward them…

  • Cooltop

    Jake keep on rockin’ the free world man.

    • Randy

      “Still screaming fuck the free world”


    hahahaha, four-pins bout that d-bag life eh? i didn’t even know about leather shorts ’til i became a reader…thanks for dropping knowledge

  • The Colonel

    Ha ha guilty of four things on this list, aviators. but funny enough I sort of agree with their point on them. Boot cut jeans, guilty there also, but they look pretty good over running trainers such as new Balance, they avoid your feet looking too big, in my opinion. Trucker hats, what about E, fomr the Eels, he sports them quite well. Haven;t worn one in years, but used to like them. And vintage band t-shirts. I only wear one, bought it back in the day, hate that term, and it’s the Happy Mondays.
    So I will excuse myself a douche there then. As the only two things i wear now are the jeans, and only for work, and the Mondays t-shirt I think I have got off quite lightly lol nice bit of nonsense internet blogging, cheers guys made me smile

  • IMG

    They never learn…
    Props to this site though.. we think alike.. HA!

  • Scott

    never seen so many comments under a four pins article

  • ListsAreFun

    go bills!

  • CliffKid

    to be blunt, this sucks.

  • bobby12

    So if I’ve worn 0 of these things within the past year that makes me not a douche, right?

  • SC

    simple 5-panels are cool

  • tmrsn

    no. 39, no.35, no.16 and no.8 – I got those four. so four out of fifty makes me 8% douche. i can agree with that.

  • Dave Hahn

    TRUTH. You’ve angered a lot of douches though. And I tip my hat to you, sir.

  • lol

    so basically dont wear anything..

  • Genova

    Fuck me for hiking and trail running since i rock vibrams and north face fleeces on the trail. only on the trails though. Am I still an ok human being?

  • Leroy Matthews

    Carabiner Keychain: “Fucks his girl exclusively in the missionary position,” #classic

  • Greg Brantley

    The captions under the clothing items were hilarious.

  • LiDaLa

    This is one of the funiest things ihave read in forever. Thank gawd the art of good humor writing is not dead in this way-to-serious world.

  • Deej

    So… what is left to wear?

  • nbozich

    Adam wears puka shell necklaces.. #letsgetweird

  • MrC

    In one foul swoop you poke fun at some terrible fashion, but also some standards that well, despite your godlike taste, will last longer than you. I like cargo shorts. Why? Because thin shorts are… hmmm… I can’t say. Then I toured your website to find things like short sleeved collared shirt with tea cups on them? Like a bad Hawaiian shirt. You like fads. Cheesy fads. I bet you stand in line for 2 days to buy some super ugly sneakers so your ghetto friends can be jealous. Whatever. Do you keep the tag on your hat? Because we all know how cool that is. How come you don’t talk about people who wear their pants hanging low? Oh, I bet you think that is cool. I could not even make it through your whole list. Why would I. Fleece jackets are going to be around forever. They took a hit, like Timberland did, when they became temporary ghetto wear, but they will bounce back once the ghetto has moved on to some other fad. I could make my own list of Douchiest Clothing with items you push on your site.

  • Shelly, Faery Queen

    I thought the list was fucking funny, don’t know what you’re all moaning about

  • monk strap god

    You guys are getting a little upset over nothing. The list is called “50 Douchiest clothing items of all time” not “50 items that will make you look like a douchebag”.. I see the writer’s point here, some of these pieces have been taken too far and overly used. Mind you I’m wearing a Fedora in this picture lol doesn’t make me a douche

  • Ben_Ovabich

    Just wear what you like!

  • 777onster

    What a contradictory faggot this writer is. Four-Pins needs some better in-house skill overall.

  • MusicalMafia

    I guess this list is all about being provocative. Im rocking vintage band shirt right now and a hottest chick i’ve seen in a while stopped to say I look good. How cool is dat?

  • Brandon Hamilton

    Haha dont ever write an article again. Your just being a little bitch hating on all these things when half of them aren’t even bad. What the fuck do you wear king? Since you seem to be so much better than everyone else

  • pinthetailonthefunky

    While most of this is on point, I’m not sure how 5-panels, jerseys, and tank tops are unacceptable summer apparel, especially if you live in a hot city. Five-panels and campers are often waxed or made with different materials than (often wool-based) snapbacks, making them more suitable for summer. Tanks and jerseys I shouldn’t have to explain. These pieces been in the streetwear game for a minute,

  • HolyCanoli

    The idiot that wrote this article has the following characteristics:

    1. Doesn’t Get Laid
    2. Doesn’t Know what dressing up means.
    3. Doesn’t Have a sense of fashion.
    4. Doesn’t have self-esteem.
    5. Last but not the least, certainly a DOUCHE bag who probably owns every single one of the items listed above.

    I agree with some of the items listed but the other half, c’mon man have a life, do you want every single one in the world to wear freakin’ old navy shirt and go underwear streaking? Seriously those are the only things you missed!

  • GOD

    OP is a douche tbh

  • Cameron Douglas

    Maybe if the Four-Pins writers weren’t such knobs I could take them seriously

  • Jimmy Brown

    lil wayne and i wear this type key chain…neither of us fit that discription son

  • SeanSB

    That five panel is fucking rad! Does anyone know anything about it?

  • SeanSB

    Good thing I’m a total douche because 1/2 of this shit is still cool to me :)

  • KryptoH

    Jake woolf be rage-ing 24/7

  • thisfishcanswim

    the grammar in this article is also pretty terrible. This seems to hate on preppy/crunchy/nerdy/hipster people more than other types of douches, but there are also a few things missing imo, like overly graphic gear from the likes of ed hardy or tapout, giant sunglasses instead of just aviators (oakley gas can, etc). What about shit like pajama bottoms or baggy sweatpants in public? Chunky skate shoes? Shirts, hats and socks to match every sneaker release? Loud-ass custom $45 elite socks? I’m also not saying that I think people who wear those things are automatically douchey, just that those seem to be things that fit the ill-formed criteria of this list. Also (I might be guilty of this as well) I think the author is confusing douchey with corny and lame, and needs to remember that people who don’t care about how they look shouldn’t count on these types of lists. To me, the douchiness comes when someone tries hard and looks like it. Like “ah shit look at that new heat! Just released!” *points to new pair of leopard-print crocs,* etc. I also think there is one key thing missing from this list: context. Douchey things come when there is no place for them, or they are being brazenly misused. Also, not to sound racist or whatever, but doesn’t a lot of this stuff appear to be things white guys typically and/or historically wear? (Seersucker, ribbon belts, slippers, critter pants)? Weird.

  • TheF@ctsoflife

    I would love to know how many Complex employees regularly rock this stuff.
    I would bet the number is quite high.

  • bLu607

    This whole article is hilarious, even if you own some of the aforementioned items. Why be offended? Wear what you like, and laugh at jokes, because, well….they are meant to be funny!

  • Nathan Hamilton

    Whoever wrote this is clearly insecure and probably wears the same pair of jeans from walmart everyday. There is nothing douchy about wearing what you like and what is comfortable for you. The most hilarious one was about the sports shirts. People who wear them outside of sporting events aren’t douchy, they just want to rep their team.

  • joe

    the “five finger shoe” as you call it, was made to give a person a more natural run, not to mention they’re pretty comfortable, so i guess im a douch, oh and i wear boot cut jeans and a giant belt buckle

    • C

      You’re a HUGE douche for the belt buckle though…

  • jo

    Look at all the douches you’ve angered.

  • Rick Owens

    Why do you try to come at fashion. Talk shit post fit fuccboi

  • lolwut

    Do you proofread your articles before you publish them?

  • Greg

    Guilty of colourful laces, wifebeaters and vibram five finger shoes.

  • Bobby Brown

    There was a post on four pins really recently about the best high-fashion sneakers and the Geobaskets were on there, a bit inconsistent don’t you think?

  • rhian

    Everyone in the comment section must be a douche

  • brooklyn boy

    I think everyone is just pissed about the 10 minutes of their life they’ll never get back, as am I. If you’re going to make a bullshit list like this at least make it shorter as to not waste everyone’s time. Because in all honesty it’s not the items that are douchey it’s how one wear’s them. Aviators are a staple part of my everyday look, any style conscious guy should have a pair, and that’s just one example of how you’re so off point.

  • BlackMinimalist

    Hahahaha, in this post they say that high fashion sneakers are “douchey” but then they have another post which is about the top 25/50 (can’t remember) best high fashion sneakers. Oh the irony

  • artsnob

    Seersucker, fashion sneakers and moto jackets made the list, but square toed shoes, overly fitted suits and leather sweats got a pass!!!!

  • TrillCosby

    Some of this shit on this list is granted, but a lot of this is reaching. It’s not the fucking garment who makes the douche, it’s the douche wearing the garment who makes the douche.

  • electrelane

    A Douche is a Douche, it turns out, no matter the costume.

  • You’re a douche

    The thing is… 90% of people in the world wear at least one thing on this list. 90% of people are douchebags?

  • superkimbradwmi

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  • NotADouche

    Wow so I basically can’t wear a (metallica) tank top cargo pants with the belt and some Jordans without being a douchebag. Wow, not to sound like a douchebag but it really sound like you’re hating big time.

  • gojira

    Author of this post, whatever you do, never ever set foot in Japan. All of these items are fashion staples for the Japanese male. You’ve been warned.

  • Shaw

    This makes no sense WHATSOEVER. Lmao.

  • Max

    The person who wrote this article, is probably the biggest douche of them all. Who cares what other people wear?

  • Jake

    Well written, good humor.
    Realized that i looked like a complete douche-nozzle in high school

  • Howle


  • chris

    I agree with everything other than Raw Selvedge. Nobody makes you wear them raw. You can wash them the day you get them if you want.

  • disqus_uqFj75sE3v

    one of the best written articles ahhah brilliant

  • loloo

    I wore them all lol and im super douche, prince of the fadoucheries! I dont care though how people feel about it and rather I enjoy when people tremble in my presense becausre they feel inferior… I wonder how mmany of them ran home to blog abut it xD Its kinda like women with bish-face… we are not as evil as you think we are… but we do secretly love our powers ib society 😛 ps kill yaselves unless your a kid that gets bullied in school ^.,~

  • phil wins

    Written by a Hater./?

  • anna

    what about the drop crotch pants? the ones justin bieber wears???

  • squatty

    jake woolf is always complaining about some bro stealing his chick from him… dork.

  • Brooke Guz

    Those Five Finger shoes irritate the eff out of me. Those who wear them are the royalty of Douchebaggery…and it’s even more douchy when they drive a Prius. Ugh.

  • JJ

    This list is so fucking stupid. Clearly all he wears is dress slacks or sweatpants.

  • T.S.F.Y.M.W.Y.H.S.D.S.

    what in the fuck…not even the question kind of wtf, but the statement kind of wtf…

  • Kitty Cat Randy

    You bitter bruh?

  • OGJG

    I can agree with some of these items but the other some seems like, As a previous commenter put it, dude got pissed off bc his gf fucked some other dude and these were the clothes he was wearing, Didn’t you probably get a communication degree? It sounds as if you just picked a handful of items for a handful of clothing genres/decades and said. These all suck.

  • TopJoshDragon

    At least I can validate each item I own from this list. I’m only 5’6″ and have dreadlocks.

    Casual Bowties: Even the shortest ties I can find go far below my belt. I have to tuck the hidden portion of a tie into my shirt so I can shorten the visible portion without the “hidden” portion hanging at my crotch.

    Aviators: Only sunglasses with decent metal arms so I can bend them to stay on my Gerber Baby sized head. Without dreads I wore a 6 5/8 size hat.

    5 Panel Hat: Most sweat resistant hat I could find for biking and basketball. Ever played basketball with dreads? Them shits get in your eyeballs every time. Also who doesn’t wanna feel like Wesley Snipes from “White Men Can’t Jump”?

    Wife Beaters: These are never to be seen. They are strictly undershirts or pajama tops.

    Tank Tops: When it’s over 95° F, it’s either this or shirtless. Which is worse?

    Varsity Jackets: Cotton ones you get at the store. Hoodies are a pain with dreads. I like these better than sweaters as my no hood/collar outerwear.

  • bruh

    lol @ half the comments. ppl taking this seriously and getting butthurt bahahahah


    I’m not even a guy, and I made the account just so I could comment. This list TOTALLY degrades a ton of guys who happen to come across a list as demoralizing as this one. Clothes make people feel good, and they’re made to be worn. Why create a list of 50 ‘douchey’ items of clothing, whose contents span across an entire range of styles, just to gain popularity? I don’t know who made this list, but find some common sense and take it down. Douche is a pretty harsh word, too. Why use it to describe the wardrobe of 90 PERCENT OF MEN???? You must walk around in underwear if you think you’re not a hypocrite.

  • Josh

    wait, why are boot cut jeans douchey? Who ever wrote this is out of touch with reality.

  • SHiieetmathhafooka

    carabiner keychains aren’t douchey. I use them. I don’t fit in anywhere. Not a douche. Not a jock. Not a nerd.

  • theantifuckboi


  • teaj

    aviators cargo shorts and jeans? somebody is bitter.

  • Vape

    I have to agree with most of these … Especially the bow tie douche, deep v-neck douche, short-suit douche and tank-top douche.

  • Megan

    Yet the article of “50 sluttiest clothing items of all time” can’t be found. Men can wear whatever they like. Doesn’t mean they’re a douche or a loser or whatever. I like when guys wear a lot of those things, and I haven’t dated any douchebags yet.

  • noxx

    Jesus christ, you all need to calm down and realize that this is *just a joke*; a bit of satire to weed out the easily offended. There are ways to wear the items listed without seeming like a “douche”, per se, these are just generally stereotypically “douchey” attire. And since douches can be anybody, the author basically bunched up a shitton of clothing together, compiled it into a list, and added some sarcastic commentary.
    (but really, I think that we can all agree that five finger shoes are pretty terrible)

  • TrashMan

    Well fuck what are you suposed to wear just underwear

  • Everal

    Great fucking article. After scrolling through all this clothing that a man must not wear I literally shit my boot cut jeans. I can’t wait to go take it in the butt like the giant fag that I am. I’m going to go piss in a fedora and crap in a pair of cargo shorts.

  • gr8gr33nz .

    I’ll agree with almost every single one of these & only one I can attest for is raw selvedge denim.
    Never have I walked funny from wearing them but I hate predistressed denim & shit is a canvas for your legs to create your imprint that when they fade looks way better than anything u can buy with some gay ass horseshoe on the pockets. U know like true religion.
    Which is just another affliction copy & be a man & leave the oversized stitching for the ladies in their miss me glittery rhinestones..

  • gr8gr33nz .

    Yea I commented on a 2 year old post so lmfao

  • ActuallyMadeAnAccountForThisBs

    I scoff at those of you who laugh at those opposed to this article. You don’t have to be worried about being labeled a douche when you don’t even have a style to begin with. You’re probably all mismatched like dora, carrying a lunchbox with some extremely nerdy slogan from a show no one’s ever heard of. I won’t put you down much more than that since you’re already on the bottom of the social pyramid. Just please don’t judge others when you look a FOB straight out of Saudi Arabia.

  • Jake

    Isn’t saying earrings for guys is douchey just being sexist? On top of that all this is biased. Someone could see you on the street and say “Now that’s a douche if I’ve ever seen one.” One things for sure, this article is extremely shallow. I pity you who doesn’t except people for what they are on the outside rather then understanding who they are on the inside. On that note, I rather like my gauges, band shirt, and yeah my jeans may be a little torn, but that’s because I’ve had them for quite awhile.
    I may seem to you like your “average douche” but seriously, you’re gonna judge on appearance…? I’m actually a very nice person and I never judge someone on their likes and dislikes. If that’s what it means to be a douche then im7totally fine with it.

  • Logan

    This list missed the most obvious douchbag fashion trend. The sagging jeans wore to show off the fancy boxers. The lower the waistband the bigger the douchebag.