The 50 Greatest Supreme Products Of All Time

I recently took the time to pen an essay on Supreme's legacy, the origins of their rise into the mainstream spotlight and what effect that might have on their reputation in the coming years. While I dealt with the broad strokes of what it means for a label of any kind to be "cool," I did not explore the specific garments, items and products that earned Supreme their now legendary status. When ranking the 50 greatest Supreme products of all time, I relished the opportunity to further investigate the idea of what exactly makes Supreme so special.

When evaluating any brand's legacy based on signature pieces we need to use both a micro and macro lens— within the vacuum of the brand itself and its resonance with the outside world. In the case of Supreme this means two things: 1. "How did an item help build Supreme's own reputation?" and 2. "How did an item impact the broader environment of streetwear, fashion and culture in general?" Naturally, the "eye test" also comes into play. Meaning, "Was this shit cool?" because, of course, the "best" pieces are ultimately the ones that we remember most. At the end of the day, ranking anything via superlatives such as "greatest" and "worst" opens the floodgates of subjectivity. No list such as this will ever be entirely satisfactory to everyone. With that said, this list is pretty fucking on point—just something to consider before you take your box logo torches to the comments.

Jake Woolf is a writer living in New York City. You can read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • jim

    hebrew box tee was released on the LA opening and the inspiration is because of the area that the LA store is situated is predominantly jewish.

    • Jake Woolf

      Oh nice…Thanks for the insight.

      • jim

        no problem man, have to say that the list is missing out SO MANY key Supreme items, pre 2002, that have alot of background/history to them and have just been left out.. seems a bit of a half hearted approach by someone that has very little knowledge of Supremes releases pre 2007 and probably all together.. and the items that are older than 2007 you have just picked out at random just because you know of them. On top of that, filling the gaps with things like “OG Box logo apparel”, “Chinos” and “Stickers”…. lame.


        • Jake Woolf

          “No list such as this will ever be entirely satisfactory to everyone.” – Jake Woolf.

          • Jake Woolf

            “With that said, this list is pretty fucking on point”-Jake Woolf.

          • Jake Woolf

            Will the real Jake Woolf please stand up?

          • jim

            yeah, i saw that. just a lazy excuse for a list, thats all.

          • jim

            yeah, i saw that. just a lazy excuse imo..

        • jim

          also, the pictures of your “OG box logo apparel”.. NONE of the items you have got pictured, I would consider “OG” seeing as neither of the Box Logo tees have the ‘Original’ big red tag, the ‘Original’ Hoodie was screen printed, not embroidered like the one pictured and that Canvas Camp Cap is from what? 2012???.. SUS

          • thetrilltroll

            Weren’t it originally screen printed on hanes or camber tees too?

          • Jake Woolfe

            Jim, I fucked your mom.

          • thetrilltroll

            I’m not Jim buddy.

  • jim2

    this is potentially the SHITTEST list of supreme stuff, just listing a few old bits that you know of, so many great items missed out.. wheres the leopard m-51? wtaps varsity? Martha tees? to name a few..

    • bob

      Leopard M51 is not that nice… just hyped… Any Wtaps collab deserves to be on here… Waxed TNF, First Series TNF left out too? GTFO.

  • rob

    the Supreme font is Futura Heavy Oblique, not Futura Bold Italic.

    • youngFrasier

      ah, Niles, a pointed observation

  • been

    Fuck that 43. japan box logo tee
    ‘Rising sun’ ain’t mean the japanese flag
    That is Hakenkreuz of Asia

    Rising sun = Hakenkreuz
    People should know their brutality japanese made in the past

  • Themediabull

    19/50 straight Hermes knock off

    • sixfive

      that’s the point.

      • Themediabull

        Ok, I see. Im not that familiar with Supreme

        • Daniel So

          best comment here +5

  • Steez my dude

    Why is Jake Woolf your go-to supreme man now? I went to high school with you dude you’ve only been rocking this shit for like a year. Get someone that actually knows what they’re talking about to make a list like this

    • Jake Woolf

      I didn’t go to high school with anyone named

      • CN


        Either way, I could care less how long the young bloke has been “rocking this shit”

        Logically speaking, high schoolers shouldn’t be constantly droppin bank on ‘Preme gear

      • Steez my dude

        well yeah dude that’d be pretty fuckin weird if i had an email address for a name… don’t get butthurt bc your list is wack. seriously though, no dogfight tee, 9/11 tee, ramellzee backpack, wilderness parka? I could go on, but you’re clearly new to this

  • smh

    no Dipset tee? Leopard M51? Wilderness, Ventile, Mountain parkas?

  • Deaunte Shugart

    Those Nunchucks

  • jackowe

    #15 is from ’97, it says it in that pic…

    • Lawrence

      Good catch, man. Thanks.

  • Elias

    its an alright article! good job woolf

  • nevermindthat

    Okay, so, Just because I wear oakleys I’m a frat boy? Fuck you, dude. Oakleys are very well made and aren’t ridiculously overpriced. Please don’t be such a prick.

    • tr143

      oakleys look terrible.

  • Oppiken

    I love how people still hating on the list even though there’s basically a big disclaimer at the end of the article saying “No list such as this will ever be entirely satisfactory to everyone.” It’s his own list and opinion, just like how your opinion is your own. Chill the fuck out if you don’t like chinos, and refrain from shitting your pants coz he didn’t include Leopard M51s into the list.

    The arrogance of some people…

    Great list, btw.

    • jim

      the title of the article shouldn’t be “THE 50 greatest Supreme products of all time” then should it?


  • Anteneh Gebre

    if Nike ever puts those dunks on Nike ID with a cement print option it’s on.

  • Santa Cruz

    Only a bunch of pussies would spend their time commenting on some lame “designer” clothing. Why should anyone care about what label is on their clothing?

    • Alex

      Because at the end of the day, however little of a fuck you give; whether you care how you look or not, your clothes are the first port of call for your outward representation to the world.

      If the game of life is irrelevant, why not play it well and take the best the world has to offer?

      • Alex

        By that I mean:

        People are going to care how you dress/look, most people are wired this way for better or worse. We have become creatures of consumerism, and the ‘better’ you look, the more free shit they’ll give you. Why not take advantage?

  • Jon Moy

    We do love some Supreme here at the Four Pins office. Supreme, oh boy.

    • maz

      gets you really happy doesn’t it?

  • david

    im so happy that they didn’t add the power corruption lies shit.

  • Marc-Antoine

    Is it me or some of these items are also in the 50 douchiest chlothing post….

  • This list is half ill, half hype. Missing so many gems.

  • OGBasedJebbia1994[SUPREME]

    Guaranteed flamewar in the comment section:
    USA vs EU
    Cut vs Uncut

    I liked your list, Jake. People seem to take this shit personally, as usual. We can’t all be OG ‘preme headz.

  • valgehiir

    Suck My Cunt t shirt should be on that list, and in top 10