The ’90s Hip-Hop Trends That Should Never Come Back

The "all things '90s rap Tumblr inspo" internet orgy is at its peak and shows no signs of slowing. Eventually it'll just Avril Lavigne itself, as all trends tend to do, but for now it has some serious legs.

Hip-Hop is no stranger to re-purposing, biting and homaging the shit outta itself. Rappers pirate anything and everything they need—it's really an endearing part of the culture. Recently, there seems to be a prominent backlash towards all this from the generation that was actually physically present during the 1990s and not still inside of a nutsack. (Love that I can write "nutsack" with impunity on Da Pins.)

The first wave of this '90s rap fashion revival came in the form of snapbacks, but with such a major proliferation the lines became too blurred to make a case for or against it either way. Now, bucket hats and Versace silk are the contentious items. I give minus five shits about explaining either, so I won't waste your precious Internet minutes. Instead, I'm gonna highlight 15 trends from '90s hip-hop culture that thankfully haven't come back...yet. Sit back, spark that dutch, put on Dah Shinin' and get your knowledge right 'cause these trends could come back any day now if we don't keep them where they belong: in the motherfucking graveyard.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Andy

    Yes, Skip. I am turning into a straight up grumpy old man lately. Thank you for being my voice on the internet.

  • 8moneybags

    The cane thing is actually still popular in the hood of queens by teens and ogs because back in the day niggas would have them because they got shot the ogs do it for this reason while the teens are trying to copy the ogs

  • Zack B Godbout

    The vest is nice.


    9 of 16 = slouch/drop socks

  • Themba Searles


  • jon mahoni

    Skip class… STFU…LOL #GASSFACE…

  • WAVY

    Good ass writing Mr. Class. Where them Lugz at though? Too late ’90s?

  • Conciergedesk

    Yo Skip obviously your Mr. Porter new arrivals game is lacking. Peep these $145 silk-satin Derek Rose jawnz: – your worst fears are coming true.

  • asdfg

    Biggie needed a cane to walk after he got into a car crash while riding with Lil’ Cease. If that’s what the cane is referencing; you’re fucking stupid. Otherwise, yes, they’re pretty dumb.

  • eleganTThug

    id just like 2 take this time 2 show appreciation 4 yalls slideshow design. there are so many god awful slideshow formats on the web these days, yalls is as far as im concerned the only 1 that break my computadora

  • dirtydick3000

    I only agree with shitty weed and one pants leg

    • Is this

      so your rocking a cane?

  • Philip Oudshoorn

    Tootbrush to clean your kicks, my dawg.

  • Ridoy

    I used to rock FUBU back in the day but I was a hoodrat

  • Invocandum

    FUBU is only just dying out over here in Korea.

  • ya boy

    the pagers slide was awesome. “Gucci Mane dark wave” is a ridiculous series of words.

  • lazy soul

    how can you write here and do not know the toothbrush trick ?

  • Maisha

    The socks were MAJOR in the DC area – we called the slouch socks. After living in the area for about a year I went back to jersey and got CLOWNED for my slouch socks. Everyone up there was on the ankle sock game.

  • Aminova

    Hey silk shirts are tight, makes me feel like the fresh prince or Trey from boyz n the hood.

  • C-Stylez

    And Ski goggles?

  • Dick Rooster

    ERIC Snowden? You serious bruh?

  • YeDaTruth

    no goggles on the forehead trend?

    • SC

      that shit needs to come back! hahahaa

    • J.Erick

      Dyce sports all day!!

  • Matthew Pike

    I rocked an orange FUBU top when I was 15 a hip hop outfitters opened up in our town. Think we wore them maybe twice then realised this wasn’t becoming

    • Ces1ne?


  • SC

    pager iphone cases, it’s the next thing

  • Sir

    the toothbrush thing was real tho i remember watching how high and thinking why does method man have a toothbrush in his beanie.

  • Jerms

    I know damn well if I could get my hands on some authentic Fubu I would rock it right now.

  • Deaunte Shugart

    I found a silk versace shirt at a thrift store in orange county, i’m in highschool..


  • prisoner

    can we bring MECCA back thou?

  • Krims Enlight

    Straight hater! 90s were about being fun and flashy. Now every chic wears Yoga pants EVERYWHERE and dudes rock corny ass tattoos just because.