The Beauty Of Technology

Damn Needs&Wants is quickly becoming our go-to spot for that nxt lvl fishtail shirting. I know, like, 5 months ago we didn't even know that fishtail shirting was a thing, but that's the beauty of technology. Like, a decade ago, if you told me the government could use my telephone to track my location so accurately they can tell which room in my house I'm in, while other government agencies would be on social medial making jokes about the murder of Tupac and people not being able to afford college, I'd be like, "LOL you prolly right." BUT NOT FUCKING WAY would I have called fishtail shirting. Anyhow, Needs&Wants came v correct with their version 1.0 fishtail flannel, but these linen joints are somehow even more perfect. Get your trigger fingers ready for that July 17th drop.

  • doomsbae

    These shirts look genuinely ridiculous. Seriously, they are absolutely awful. Why the hell has four-pins decided to give spotlight to a brand that produces shirts that look like they’re trying to escape the person wearing them by crawling down their own back?

    This whole thing stinks of North American Fashion aka “Menswear’s like, different now, right? So let’s make something different.” Fucking horrendous.

  • Guest101

    really??! This is brutal. cmon.. at least iron your shirts before a shoot?

    • The nigga in the wrinkly shirt

      nigga you aint my daddy.

  • BigSpense$

    these are not terrible by any means but they are def not for everyone. if done right this shit could look 400 degreez. yes thats a juvenile reference in a comment about fishtail linen shirts

  • dom

    son looking like al b. shore on south beach in his mother’s shirt.

  • guest

    dudes real talk, I was in Argentina in 2009 and came back with poopy drop crotch pants and a fishtail shirt… that shit was all over… were they on that next next way back when?

  • fatty

    They used a fat model.

  • Howle

    The cut is disgusting. I hate shirts like this. they look like unbuttoned baby onesies

  • takicezary