The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Drugs) At The 2013 MTV VMAs

The MTV VMA's don’t take themselves seriously enough to demand the same from us. However, the yearly spectacle is a legitimate barometer of consumer youth culture and shouldn’t be written off as irrelevant. As a society we need events like this to bring us together to live tweet and pretend Lady Gaga is still famous and wonder why we don’t just get to the inevitable point where performers strip naked on live television.

Appropriately, precedent decrees that each year VMA fashions be more ridiculous than the last, but there’s a certain amount of self-awareness necessary to pull off the outlandish without hiding behind a costume-as-personality. Taking the time to analyze the stylistic choices of the severely drug-addled is important if only to set us apart from the old heads in old head media, lamenting how out of touch they are with "kids today". So, ditch your delusions of grandeur and join me in the national pastime of harshly judging people we secretly want to hang out with more than anything.

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Cameron Wolf

    The identity can be left alone, but important to know unknown soldier tweeted out this last night: “Was hopin taylor swift had ass in real life. No. … She still fine tho. I’m gonna say hi”

  • Sanchez

    come on man you gotta know that’s FlyLo~!

  • ~~~~

    last slide is pretty ignorant because its flying lotus. lol.

  • The Atlas

    the fact that Four-Pins doesn’t know who FlyLo is confirms their know-it-all-know-nothing arrogance

    • Michael Di Gennaro

      you do know only one person wrote this article, right?

      • The Atlas

        Yeah. Duh. But every article is checked by EDITORS who approved everything that was said in the article.

  • !!!

    Man I dont even know if I can be on this website anymore. You just dissed Flying Lotus! Man learn your shit!

  • DoM

    I now know you’re a herbcake of the highest order Angelo. My new nickname for you is Angelo the “Herbcake” Spagnolo. The fact that you don’t know who Flying Lotus is and you give props to Miley Cyrus when she’s clearly ripping off College Dropout visuals and turning dead teddy bears into onesies is all the proof I need that you have thoroughly earned this nickname. Obviously you’ve never been to a FlyLo show. Obviously you don’t know he’s producing for TDE. Obviously. Four Pins, please fire this dude.

    • jon

      You should be fired if that’s the best nickname you can come up with. ‘Herbcake’?!

      • DoM

        Jonny it’s not the best name I could come up with, but your mom doesn’t like it when I curse.

        • Vic Demise

          Aaaaand a mom joke. Now call him a “fag” so you can complete the cliche internet tough-guy trifecta. Then a winrar is you.

          • DoM

            Vic, I’m not an internet thug. I’m a loyal Complex reader and FlyLo listener. DoM is actually my real name. On the other hand…’Vic Demise’ sounds really legit. Is Demise your mom’s family name or your Dad’s side of the family? How’s the weather on the Jersey shore? And do you always throw around homophobic slurs on the ‘nets? Or is it just something you do to start your week off right?

  • tamia

    3 things:
    1. miley is officially trash… i was waiting for her to trip or something but her ass cheeks (or lack thereof) did more damage than that
    2. just be glad hopsin wasn’t invited
    3. flying lotus may have been dressed like a fool but his tweets made the entire night

    • brendan curry

      you are right, thank god hopsin wasn’t there, he would ruin the night trying to be real plus miley grew up if she wants to do that, who are you to say she cant.
      p.s. that was capt. murphy

    • Michael Di Gennaro

      Hopsin would’ve done something that made everyone forget about Kanye-Swift

  • Jay

    If you don’t listen to Flying Lotus, then you don’t need to be commenting on anything yourself.

  • leoh

    shit article

  • Andrew Berkley

    dude is a herb, doesn’t know who fly lo is, your opinion is now irrelevant

  • jj

    The guy you don’t know is Flying Lotus and he’s a much better and more influential producer than you will ever be as a writer. Just sayin…

  • thetrilltroll

    Angie is mad cos fly lo is styling on him! You mad Angie!

  • ClaeSea

    If you say ‘beetlejuice’ three times, maybe Robin Thicke will go away.

  • LifeTechMusic

    #22 is Flying Lotus as Captain Murphy you numbnuts. Get a clue about music please, thanks. CLEARLY you did belong at the VMA’s last night.

  • Zino Zagala

    my man fly lo / capt. murphy!

  • Ceelo

    How can you diss flying lotus? His music production itself transcends any form of quick dismissal or judgement on any aspect of his character.

  • Kuljeet

    I kind of understand why Angelo Spagnolo doesn’t know who Flylo is, because he obviously doesn’t know about the realm of music outside of mtv.

  • C’mon Son

    Does the fact the he’s Flying Lo and I think his music is dope give him the free pass?………nahhh son

    • Lucien Wyatt

      Dude is dressed like his alter ego, Captain Murphy.

  • dylon

    If Kanye wore what Flylo was wearing it would be hype though….

  • Ridoy

    Flying Lotus is just fucking around that’s why he’s dressed like that.

  • letsbpositive

    You are the type of writer who 5 years ago would have probably said the same thing about a picture of J-dilla…. wait, you might still not know who dilla is anyway….

    • Lawrence

      Wait, did you just compare JDilla to Flying Lotus?!

  • ScrewThisSite

    yeah, i’m officially done with fourPins. Eat a pretentious dick. You’ll probably complain about a curve or head size or something. Weirdos

  • :)

    shiet i thought the last one if OF tyler

  • :)

    shiet i thought the last one if OF tyler

    • :))


  • Jack

    I’m glad you’re on Miley’s side but when you were ripping on Macklemore for singing about same-sex rights, that was actually really pathetic. What kid is going to read a book on homosexuality? I hope you know that that was very offensive to a lot of people.

  • Cinsere819

    Knows One Direction members by name. Doesn’t know FlyLo. Please, tell us more about why your opinion is relevant.

    • Chad

      Hahahaha Thank you!

    • LG25

      LOL My exact thoughts.

  • PAIN

    FlyLo the fucking GAWD. Fuck four-pins, lame ass faggots

  • metafizics

    yeah… FlyLo is too big a name for you to not know, i found that troubling enough to unfollow this place. Peace.

  • james

    Ellie Goulding is Kesha’s classy twins? What the fxxk, are you nuts?

  • Laura Gustin

    omgah are you serious? why are you even here?

  • dj khaled

    lesson learned four-pins, don’t let a guy write just because he’s from Nike’s city

  • asziszi218

    asap’s armpit :)

  • Cameron Douglas

    I swear these Fourpin writers are stuck in a parallel dimension, Ronnie’s crew neck was not tight. And fuck Complex for promoting this garbage.

  • Lucien Wyatt

    Man, amid this garbage and mildly amusing half-wit commentary, you cap it all off by not knowing who Flying Lotus is?

    …and you’re published in COMPLEX, of all places?

    -Someone- needs to tell you who he is so you don’t come off as such an overwhelming, egotistical tool in your next article that alternately has you praising One Direction and Miley Cyrus for their fashion sense. I mean damn. Bad look all around.

    The second best writer? I shudder to think of the first.

  • fuckyou

    god you suck

  • William Sells

    w2c nsync’s pervert 69 baseball tee

  • Themediabull

    Appearantly Angelo Spagnolo not knowing who this Flying Lotus is HURT A LOT OF PEOPLE

    • Lucien Wyatt

      The man’s ethos practically embodies the mission statement of this magazine. So yeah, perhaps. This isn’t EW.

      • Themediabull

        What the fuck is EW?

        • Lucien Wyatt

          Entertainment Weekly.

          • Themediabull

            I don´t know shit about those teen-girl/dickrider tv-shows. Do you happen to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians as well?

          • Lucien Wyatt

            Entertainment Weekly is a generic celeb magazine, you self righteous douchebag. Which was my point. Complex is above that shit.

            How anyone can still manage to be stupid on the Internet with Google a click away astounds me.

          • Themediabull

   just published an article with pictures of Drake hugging people. How is that above anything?

          • Lucien Wyatt

            Then with news of that plus this abortion of an feature piece, the end is nearer than I thought.

          • Complexcator

            “Complex is above that shit”

            As someone who has been familiar with said publication for a matter of years, all I have to say to that is : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

            Sure. And so Rolling Stone, right?

          • Lucien Wyatt

            Actually, Hype Hair is making bigger cultural waves right now.

  • David

    Flying Lotus is trippy. The outfit is great.

  • Du

    hahaha Okay I gotta agree that I was actually SEEING some street goth influences on Richard Simmons’ look then I read the photo description and lmao.

  • Aaron O. Madrid

    Ahem, again, its phuckin’ FLYLO!! Research kid.



  • Jono

    haha Angelo Spagnolo is a fuckwit for dissing fly lo

  • damn fool

    just lost reader

  • DylTooTrill

    Haha these fuckboys don’t even know who Flying Lotus is. Amateurs. Straight up fucking amateurs.

  • Vito

    You DON’T know Flying Lotus? Are you serious??? You don’t deserve any attention anymore.

  • bennyfran

    Wait, is the last guy Flying Lotus?

  • flyinglotus

    talking shit on people you don’t even know HARK HARK HARK. Cool dude. REAL FUCKIN COOL

  • Gritz

    not knowing flying lotus is lame

  • Matt

    You are a fuccin tool

  • Chad

    That’s Flying fuckin Lotus you retard. Probably one of the best producers around right now. You write for a professional entertainment magizine and don’t know that? jesus….

  • Maz

    Can’t believe Complex promoted this shit.

  • Flying Lotus AKA John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane’s nephew AKA musical barrier destroyer AKA Captain Murphy would probably just laugh at this.

    Still though. You won’t regret looking into his music. You may not like it all because none of it is the same style, but don’t overlook him.

  • Fer

    I actually like Willow smiths overalls haha… im wierd

  • cantbeliev

    hahahahahhaa, fuck u man, u dunno who flylo is, shiiiiiit

  • Villn

    Thats’ Captain Murphy you guys!

  • Alex Rudkovsky

    what a compilation of a bunch of herbs and retards!! i’m surprised no one smacked kendrick lamars dumb ass.

  • Boss

    Yo angelo you just got rocked faggot. You are fired.

  • Lebron James

    Angelo you’re a fucking douche…and about to get fired..

  • Ken

    how are you gonna diss John Coltrane’s nephew?? wtf? seriously? Flying Lotus you muppet.. 2nd best writer my ass, obviously research isn’t your best forte?

  • Fernando Silva López

    Bitch doesn’t know about FlyLo. I agree that I don’t need to read your stuff.

  • noahrawlings

    Drake Equals Crippled Kid From Degrassi and Un-exceptable Rapper – Tech Exile

  • Chris

    whoever wrote this article seriously needs to step up their game. Do some legit research on some of these artists before giving us your uneducated opinion.

  • Steam Plunk

    The last time I heard this many grumblies about “flylo” (lol “flylo?”) was in the bee-keeping house at my tiny ass liberal arts college. Congrats commentors—you are officially as “relevant” as a bunch of 21 year old soc. majors who just got back from studying abroad in Tanzania. Good luck finding time between bong rips and frisbee seshes to pat yourselves on the collective back.

    • JakeTS

      And congrats for sounding perfectly like a pretentious fuck. Just when I think you couldn’t ether yourself anymore for using the word “grumblies”, you go and reach for a weak diss by trying to take shots at an established artist’s nickname. Try again.

  • Riley

    “If you can identify this dude, I don’t need you reading my stuff” AGREED.

  • Jamie McGrane

    Really regretted spending time reading this peice once I got to the FlyLo ignorance. This Angelo character loses.

  • Kevin Holloway

    Dissing Flying Lotus…fucking clownshoes. Epic fail. Trying to sound cool and you just dissed one of the dopest producers working. Idiot.

    • Flying Low

      Dammit. Why does a guy that uses “clownshoes” and “epic fail” as insults have to like the same artist as me?

      It makes me feel special in the bad way.

  • bominic

    needs more riff raff

  • Dan

    who would have ever guessed the readers of Four-Pins were so emotional?

  • Michael Di Gennaro

    you cosign leather and then shit on Ryan Lewis for a leather bomber.

  • Laura Walford

    i hope these writers do not get paid jeeez, such a load of crap

  • Laura Walford

    i hope these writers do not get paid jeeez, such a load of crap

  • theDon

    You definitely should have looked up who that last guy was because now you look like a fool. FlyLo is a fucking genius hes doing amazing stuff for the music industry and hes hilarious.

  • filthy frank

    This guy seems like a disgruntled faggot…he had everything negative to say about everyone else and then holds a candle to one direction??

  • filthy frank

    And p.s. asap rocky looked like a busboy at El Torito…

  • Evan

    Its a valid comparison

    • Yomp

      Very valid

  • ……

    lol Asap rocky fell out

  • BillDouche’

    Lol you guys mad because he doesn’t know who Flying Lotus is..I heard about Flying Lotus 4 years and still don’t know what they look like behind their music ..half of you guys never even heard of them until you noticed someone mention them on Instagram probably. How fortunate some of you are that there are sites like this where you’re able to get some “knowledge”on music and fashion by staying on peoples blogs all night.

  • Jason T Kibben

    You are a fucking idiot, and I will have you know that Flying Lotus who you arrogantly called an unknown soldier is the ONLY and i mean ONLY good thing about the piece of shit VMA’s and pretty much the only talented person in the new decade who is known by millions who isn’t Lorde. The fact that you know who the other fucktards are, but not this hero is God damn insult.

  • Guest

    Kendrik Lamar lloks like a real broke nigga

  • Trigger-Happey

    Kendrick Lamar looks like a real broke nigga