The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Drugs) At The Met Gala 2013

This year’s Met Gala had the Internet’s totally level-headed fashion community debating what is and isn’t “punk"—this year's totally arbitrary theme. This is stupid because A: That’s exactly the basic ass conversation they hoped you’d have when they picked the theme, and B: Attending balls is inherently not punk rock to begin with. But man, do people sure have opinions about this shit. "Raf Simons is the only guest who understands punk!" "Kristen Stewart thinks she’s soooooo punk!" People are talking, which, newsflash, is why you theme your giant fashion circle jerk costume preservation charity ball after some nebulous concept that to some is a spiritually defining ethos and, to others, just another adjective for describing a fuckton of studs on a leather jackets.

“These critics and these trust fund kids try to tell me what punk is,” Good Charlotte once sang, “but when they see me on the street they got nothing to say.” Don’t worry Benji and Joel, I’m not going to waste your time dissecting who's punk and who isn’t. Seeing how your favorite star, designer or stylist interpreted the theme, though, is a window into their relative corniness, which, should be said, would have prevailed regardless of theme. Some people took it way too literally and some ignored it completely—quite frankly, more punk than conforming to some arbitrary guideline—but mostly people just looked stupid and that’s why we’re all here. So, let's review the best, laughable and definitely-want-to-hit-the-after-party-with-you-iest looks of the night.

Photographs courtesy of Buzzfeed and Vogue

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Alex Scott

    MJ & Guest? How you gonna do Sofia like that?

  • nahb

    Look at all the 1%ers
    ….nicole richie ain’t even on this list…defs best dressed of the night…

    • Guest

      lol @ 1-percenter remark. Who do you think buys the brands featured on this site like Visvim, Garreth Pugh and Rick Owens on a regular basis? Poor people? They want to appeal all rebellious and shit but chances are – if you cop a 2300$ jacket you´re in the 1-percent.

      Being a 1-percenter is awesome btw

  • Alex Rudkovsky

    am I the only one who is thinking about the massive amounts of coke that is being snorted before, during and after this event

    • Themediabull

      Nah, it´s way too mainstream and reaches too many major news outlets.

      For drugs I would rather go to the CFDA awards or one of them smaller, yet relevant gatherings

      • Chaps

        Oh the bad bad things I’d (attempt) to do to Cara…..

        • Alex Rudkovsky

          indeed. i would like to comb through those eyebrows!!!

        • Sjoerd Krijnen

          She sexy af.

  • Aisha Badmus

    Maybe the writer of this piece is being sarcastic but Tony Stonem is a character from Skins UK. The actor in the picture is Nicholas Hoult.

    • Lawrence

      Yes, Angelo is being sarcastic.

  • Ahmed N. Kamel

    This is great

  • Jean Paul Versace

    Where did Kim K cawp dat PCL dress doe

  • Dave s

    Other shots of Miley on the webs show how well dressed and hot she was. Marc Jacobs wtf? And Gwen stefani wtf youse wearin for a skirt? Hilfiger Jeeezus man!

  • colin heaberg

    Is it just me or is Kim K wearing supreme printed poncho

    • Rick James

      Supreme x New Order x Grandma’s Couch

      but yea

  • basedgawd

    gisele tho <3__________<3

  • Kevin

    Not sure if he’s being serious or not, but Good Charlotte is the farthest thing there is from punk rock. Punk is a way of life, not just a costume.

  • Guest

    The Virgil Abloh one made me LOL