The Best Brands You And Your Dad Can Both Wear

Have you seen lookbooks by brands that use older dudes as their models? I know, I’m always surprised at how ill old dudes look in contemporary brands too. Which got us thinking, what are some of the best brands that both you and your dad can wear? Bridging the stylistic gap between father and son isn’t as easy as it sounds. First, you have to weed out all of the batshit crazy stuff that the Internet has convinced you is cool and flattering when it really just makes it look like you shit your pants and have a wicked Asian Fetish. Then you have to ditch out the wack dad brands that sacrifice fit and natural fibers for things like sweat resistance and being cheap as fuck. Despite all that, you're surprisingly left with a pretty amazing list of brands that you and pops could wear without either of you changing up your style all that much. Now that you both dress alike, how about you follow his lead and get a real job and a sense of responsibility?

  • Matthew Pike

    NB all the way with the dad steez

  • Choooo


  • Mo

    Also include: Any brand blogged about in 2010.

  • TrillBro69

    yoko ono for opening ceremony??

  • Vaughn de Heart

    Lest we forget our brothers at J. Crew

  • Sup

    Red Wing? Eastlands? LL Bean?

    The list is great, except my dad will wonder why the fuck some of these cost more than my college text books. If his credit card statement shows a charge from a place called Deluxe for over $100, my mom will go rip shit thinking he went to a strip club.

  • cozyKev

    the furthest i could get my dad into #menswear is a pair of gray free run 3s

  • RG

    “it’s no surprise that almost every American male has probably owned at least one item from Carhartt in his lifetime” – That’s kind of stretching it…

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Red jacket in the first/opening picture?

  • disqus_944TVOoMyY

    What if your dad sucks and can’t do anything just like you? Does he still look better?

  • David

    “I work in corporate America, but still go to film festivals and brew my own beer; basically me!” *he says pridefully and yet tentatively*