The Best Cozy Boy Items Available Right Now To Get Your Look On Point This Semester

As September rears its ugly mug, it’s time to pack away the crazy Hawaiians and extra thin tech layers. In the face of inclement cold fronts, break out the wearable fleece pillows (complete with waffle stitching, of course) because cozy boy season is back, bitch!

As you settle into the most agonizing month of 2013 (i.e. the start of school, but, more importantly, the end of Breaking Bad), arm thyself with the comfiest garments at your disposal. Alternating between the stale air of lecture auditoriums and your Dorito scented study (i.e. 4 person dorm share) can be real difficult—particularly for healthy 20 somethings with zero motivation—so we're throwing down the definitive (for real this time, we swear) list of apparel you will need to go from A to B in maximum comfort. Here are a few of the coziest (and steeziest) products available right now that are integral to getting the most out of F/W's mundane activities like jogging, studying and securing your future.

  • BlatherWinceRepeat

    Just a heads-up: “Je suis américaine” means “I am an American woman.” Whether that makes you more or les likely to buy it, I figured you ought to know.

    • SlickRick

      Cop for girlfriends so everyone knows you two are an ultra-wavy power couple.

    • Randy Lai

      #girlsinoversizedrugger – the ultimate power flex

  • huiche7

    Dude can any fucking college student afford this shit. You guys always put some fucking cozy boy shit that no one can ever buy, especially a college student in California.