The Best Menswear Air Jordans

There was a time not long ago that sneakers, no less Air Jordans, were as much a part of #menswear as guys shopping for the perfect pair of UGGs (please be offended as fuck for those whom this applies). But thanks to equal parts nostalgia, trendhumping and, well, let's not kid ourselves, rappers and hip-hop culture, the once glacial pace of menswear trends has seemingly warmed to the acceptance of kicks in their wardrobe, and not just any kicks either. The bread and butter of all adolescent status-seekers and literal ballers—the coveted Air Jordan—no longer plays second fiddle to the double-monk in today's post-menswear society.

Fusing mature style with slight nods to the eminent streetwear domain can be the ultimate style coup. Whether you grew up with this (sometimes violent) Saturday morning tradition, or have only recently entered the fray, you've probably realized that not all Js are created equal. While some resemble space boots and others inspired by luxe sports cars, there's no doubt that certain Jordans just won't look proper with your grown ass man aesthetic. So, in an effort to catch y'all up to speed, here's the definitive list of the best menswear Air Jordans that, with the right guidance and patience on eBay, will put you light-years ahead of your suited and booted peers.

  • Richard

    I remember trying to save up every bit of allowance trying to cop the VII ~ nostalgia…
    Still broke AF deo.

  • EnzoAGC

    grown ass man aesthetic? Let’s be real, These go with best leather skirts as Mr. Mediocre demonstrated very well at the 12-12-12 concert.

    • daniels

      Cool, but Mr. Mediocre didn’t wear Jordans at the 12-12-12 concert.

  • Adam

    The Space Jams were retroed around Christmas in 2009.

  • Vc

    Eh, the spacejams were retro’d in 2009.. Do a little bit more of research whoever wrote this.

    • daniels

      I’VE COMMITTED HOLY SIN, HOW SHALL I EVER REPENT? I made an error and it’s been corrected, thanks for reading.

  • Carp

    I’m surprised the True Blue’s and White Cement IV’s made it over the White Cement III’s !


    this is for lames who don’t actually have personal style, its long been possible for flex Mikes and not come off like a complete hoodrat.

  • Ricardo

    In a list exploring the compatibility of Js with a ‘grown man aesthetic’, the excessive Kanye dick-riding seems a little, well, teenage.

  • QHy

    air jordans with chinos, really? this is almost worse than the pieces you did on birkenstocks

    • Tjay

      Whoa dere. What’s wrong with wearing J’s with chinos? I’m guessing you get mad when guys wear chinos with Nike running shoes too, eh?

  • Tjay

    Nice article and all but someone seems to like Yeezy a bit too much, brah…

  • kvn

    How could leave out the Boyz II Men + XI Concords at the Grammys?

  • thetrilltroll

    Jordans: 1 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 are the only acceptable ones (maybe 11s)