The Devolution Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, the “swaggy” dyke popstar icon, was at one point, well, kinda-actually swaggy. Over the years Justin’s style has devolved into something we absolutely do not support over here at Four Pins. Part of me can’t blame the fucking guy. If I had basically unlimited funds and fame, I’d be the biggest dick in the world too. Shit, even bigger than I already am. Have you guys seen Never Say Never? Do you know how many Proactiv abusers this dude is bending over his Lambo in his 25 car garage? Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands. From the way this Boy George lookin' ass fool dresses nowadays it appears that he wants to stay young and dress like a fucking prick forever. Don’t believe me? Let me take you on a little stroll.

11 Responses to “The Devolution Of Justin Bieber”

  1. Joe

    “The start of the drop crotch renaissance. Dude’s nutsack dropped and he wanted the whole world to fucking know it. Swangin’ low.” – perfect!

  2. Samuiel

    Oh come on, you managed to show all of his worst fits. I am not a Jb fan by any means but don’t do the man like that.

  3. Jana

    Stop hating on Canada. It’s wicked and this is totally one of my fave sites. Even though I am a girl :) x.

  4. Mr. Endowed

    haha archbishop…wait that was a joke, right? Four Pins isn’t THAT ignorant towards others, is it?

  5. Jay

    Hey man, totes get the hate behind Biebz and Stephen Harper (Harpz?), but dang Canada is a sick place. We gave you Drake… oh wait…

  6. Tjay

    Gotdamnit Bieber just burn all the clothes you have now so we can start a new chapter in your wardrobe life. There’s still hope for you yet.


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