The Faux Disinterest Of Baldwin Spring/Summer 2014

Baldwin, a small, little menswear brand based out of Kansas City, that's not so small and little anymore thanks to their recent GQ Best New Menswear Designers in America nod, just released their S/S 14 lookbook. While starting solely as a denim brand, Baldwin has since moved into a full range of apparel, most of which fall into the sweet spot I like to call "really nice clothing for pretending you don't care about menswear." The Faux Disinterest genre is all about acting like you don't even have dope shit. "Oh, this 'KC' tee? Whatever, man. I just found it in my bottom drawer."

  • Mturman3

    Kansas City Stand Up! Fo’ real though, I bought a Baldwin denim shirt a year ago and it is the best fashion purchase I have ever made.

  • Luchini

    My Baldwin Henleys coming up on 2 years and they are get more fucking amazing every day. When it’s balls hot and they get left on the shelf I get sad.

  • scott b.

    I just bought my first pair of sweet Baldwin Denim last month, i have a few pieces from them, all low key and dope enough to just through on and go.

    • scott b.

      throw on… dumbass.

  • Obvious

    I need to get me that Baldwin haircut