The Hottest Lady Fashion Bloggers

Listen, I don’t objectify women, buuuuuut, I mean, when it's 12:30 A.M. and I really need to fall asleep to get to work the next morning who the fuck am I kidding? I don’t know about you guys, but I only want straight dimes in my dreamland highlight reel. I’m just trying to catch some Z’s, bro, sue me. Some of you may deem me unqualified. Really? Who other than a lonely intern that spends way too much time alone with himself online and hasn’t felt the female touch in over 3 months is more qualified? No one. That’s who. With all that said, here are the 15 hottest lady fashion bloggers solely based on looks because, let’s face it, the thirst is real. So, sit back and enjoy our incredible immature, sex-positive celebration of the beautiful and fashionable women who take pictures of themselves for the Internet.

  • MaG

    16? 16 ladies on here? the dedication at four pins is unreal. kudos, applause, all that.

  • http://none jmledesma

    Where my girl FashionToast at?

    • lawrences

      I asked James the same thing.

  • jay

    Lawrence, you use the same restroom as this guy?

  • TSC

    No Va$htie or Rumi Neela?!

  • JFK

    No Hanneli?!

    • Art

      Hanneli was snubbed

  • Duece

    Karla could but me in a headlock, with her legs, all day.

  • John Lugg

    James’ aunt must be pretty hot.

    • lawrences

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing.

  • P. Hong

    Wat about Dani Song tho?

  • Andrew So

    I’m forever using “the thirst is real” as a euphemism for “I’m horny”.

  • ja

    Really? No lili-et-lala.?? (don’t know her real name). At least top 5…

  • da

    the song sisters shouldve been one ranking and yea fashion toast def needs to be on here.. james needs a bodyguard for that A.I.L.F. he’s got

    • Sarah

      You’re kidding right? The Song sisters? Aww-Meeeeeh is alright but her little sis Dani looks rachet as hell.

  • Keira

    What about Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere? Sonia Evers from Runway Hippie? This list is missing some girls!

  • pmg

    I don’t get it. Why does having white editors means you need an Asian girl on the list? If you had an Asian editor, do you then need to have an Inuit girl on there? I’m just trying to follow your logic throw a bone here.

    • Jae

      Yea… I don’t get it either

      • Andrew So

        White guys. They got the yellow fever.

  • Bee

    Props for Karla — half Mexican and Salvi. No wonder she has a sick body.

  • Jen

    love this list but dont agree with many of them after seeing almost all of them in person at events during fashion week! I absolutely ADORE Jules and Karla though but I think you are missing alot of bloggers too. I feel like, EVERY media outlet, whenever there is a post on bloggers its always JUST the ones that are more mainstream. Trust me DC alone has alot of very pretty bloggers and some of my faves (not only in DC) Nadia Aboulhosn, Mona Lavinia, Tosha Eason of Bambis Armoire, Monroe of FashionSteele NYC, (on some days maybe even me Jen of Comme Coco),
    sorry for the long comment but overall LOVE your site and keep up the fabulous work!

  • Jen

    oh lets add Angelica Blick to that list as well!

  • Miguel

    you should have added Delmy Rivera from One of the most beautiful women bloggers out there. Check her out

  • Sarah

    I also think it’s funny how Hapatime is so excited to make this list. I mean, is she really that proud to make it to the top of the list where the writer is blatantly objectifying a woman’s body.

    • Diana

      Haha I know……. this is what she is proud of?

  • Dulyx

    Where’s the diversity? Kinda slim and my point exact. Would have liked to see some more representation of a wider array of backgrounds, at least something that reps a greater range of style and cultures. These ladies have style, no doubt, but only showcase a narrow portion of a massively styled city.

  • Haiden

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  • Haiden

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  • nico