The Jogger Pant Rises

Complex's own Matt Welty took up his cross to bear and dove deep into the roots and now mainstream influence of the jogger pant. Somewhere along the line, behind the sneaker's explosion in popularity over the past few years, the progression from cinching and cuffing your worn-to-shit selvedge denim turned to constructing pants with the cuff already built in, allowing the wearer to show off their sneakers. The jogger rides a strange line in fashion, as Welty notes. They're not jeans or chinos, and they're not exactly sweatpants—the jogger is kinda off in its own little universe. But they're everywhere now, with brands like Publish and Kith designing their own takes on the style at the start of the wave (Publish went as far as copyrighting the term "Jogger Pants" in 2010) and others have followed suit: Public School, Zanerobe, Tim Coppens, Mark McNairy and even J.Crew have all thrown their hats into the ring, offering up variations on the style that don't appeal solely to sneakerheads.

But it's the backlash and reaction to the jogger pant trend that may be even more notable than its roots and current trendiness. Obviously, no one wants their sneakers to be sheltered by a JNCO umbrella because, at that point, you could wear a pair of fucking Tevas and no one would be the wiser. Naturally, we can't advise that, but if you do forgo pinrolling in favor of some jogger pants, you very may well catch an avalanche of hate, identifying yourself with a culture no one wants to be a part of, you goddamn chav. Deputy Editor, and former Four Pins Founding Editor, Noah Johnson speaks for many, saying that jogger pants are "fucking stupid." Then, of course, you have sneaker blogger and YouTube personality Tyler Blake channeling interest into a video explaining where he gets his pants that has racked up nearly 80,000 views to date. Pick your corner, everyone.

Personally, I'm not sure whether I'd rather see pinrolled jeans with a dozen stacks sitting atop someone's ankle or a pair of pants with a gigantic ass elastic cuff at the bottom. Is there a preferable third option? Should we all throw on some Hammer pants or fully embrace the taper and stock up on some meggings? Honestly, I don't care as long as you're wearing pants.

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  • Anthony Sykes II

    Always liked the Flight Pants Robert Geller put out.

  • fookdaht

    Hmm Topman of all brands have been making ‘jogger pants’ of this ilk for years now (they market them as elasticated chinos, pretty much identical to the Kith/Publish offerings above. They were exclusively worn by nankids circa 2010 tho…

  • Riles

    Haha joggers…. look fucking horrible.. im a fit 6 ft & with a soccer player muscular body… any pant that looks like its straight outta my girls closet is not for me.. basically all joggers fall into this… regular tapered jeans are the way to go completely regular fit on the thighs with a slim cut down low hense taper… never understood the jogger past show off your shoes

    • Oppiken

      So how does your “athletic prowess” fit into this argument?

      It’s not that easy finding jeans that have regular fit on the thighs but taper all the way to the bottom to have that super clean look unless you get the jeans tailored. Majority of the population don’t have thunder thighs and skinny calves. Plus most of the time the denim is too long so people who don’t like stacks need to get them hemmed, and jogger pants takes away that problem.

  • Bé.

    Nothing is wrong with joggers. They don’t look “girly” at all or stupid. I not a hypebeast but I just like it that menswear is getting some new looks. Joggers worn the right way give you a cleaner street style look. Most guys just want a tapered look when it comes to pants and can’t get it with jeans. I rather wear joggers than pin wheel all my jeans.

  • TDubb

    I love Publish joggers. I stopped wearing jeans years ago, and joggers present a contemporary alternative to regular trousers

  • Yes.

    Jogger pants = mullets

  • JvA

    what shoes are those?

  • Peter Braun

    Joggers look terrible in 99% of fits. Alright, fine, they make your sneakers more visible, but they completely ruin the rest of your fit. The only people I see wearing them are sneakerheads who spend all their money on Jordans, rather than buying a complete wardrobe.

  • 10songsblog

    LOL! Joggers are like a poor man’s Zubaz pants. They couldn’t really commit to being fuck and fresh because they are still unsure of whether they are ACTUALLY cool enough to be seen in.