The Kanye West T-Shirt We Didn’t Know We Were Waiting For

If you're ever in a relationship with someone like Kanye West, you need to hold on tight to that magical person and never let them go. EVER. Dude actually tweets stuff like this and whoever owns this Etsy shop was smart enough to screencap one of em and put it on a T-shirt because Kanye tweets are missives from lack-of-self-awareness-heaven. This is some straight Library of Congress type shit. CONGRATS, GIRL. YOU MIGHT HAVE JUST WON THE INTERNET.

  • Geoffrey

    pretty frikkin sweet

  • Nick Sheppard

    So he prinited a screencap on a white shirt and is selling it? That’s cool

    • Clyde Minyem

      Unless you’re dumb you should realize that this is a fake tweet and that he didn’t even make this shirt.

    • Themediabull

      almost like printing big capital numbers on a back up a champion sweat and mark it up 1500 percent, huh?

  • custom t shirt printing

    Fabulous Prints that sounds really pretty well. I like this tweeting printed t shirts. I want to make my own now..

  • shhhh

    Kanye didn’t tweet that shit. Fuck 4spin.

  • bigjapes


  • justin