The Least Essential Wardrobe “Essentials”

Nowadays it seems that with every new #menswear site that lands on the interwebs, a new batch of "essentials" comes along with it. I think this stems from each site's desire to assert themselves as a credible source within the biz in an extremely basic, lowest common denominator way. I mean, let's be real, all you have to do with a list of this nature is rattle off some shit like "grey suit," "brown wingtips" and "grey hoodie" and you've basically nailed it. Meaning, there is an extraordinary amount of overlap with each new "essentials" offering and the phrase "opinions are like assholes" resonates particularly loudly. With each new blog offering its own twist on the list, the idea of what is truly essential becomes more muddled, ultimately resulting in a bunch of guys buying a bunch of completely unnecessary shit. We've got a problem with that because, as you know, we've made it our life's goal to cut through the proverbial #menswear fuckery and deliver you only the purest of truisms. So, we're blowing the whistle on the least essential of these "essentials" using a healthy dose of common fucking sense.

Jake Woolf is a writer living in New York City. You can read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Josua

    john coppidge guys, john coppidge is where it’s at


    Good list but..

    Parka = essential. Who the hell wears a wool topcoat with jeans and sneakers? It looks misplaced. Proven by LAS looking like a clown pairing a wool overcoat with sweatpants during NYFW.. Plus parkas are a LOT warmer than a simple topcoat. End of story.

    Minimalist sneakers = essential, but to wear with jeans and not with a suit.

    • Lawrence

      Sounds like you still wouldn’t like me even if I was wearing a parka that day : (


        naw bro. you can do better than sweats.

        • Lawrence

          If you actually knew me you’d know that’s the best I can do. Regardless, thanks for your input, Drake.

  • Davey

    “We’ve got a problem with that because, as you know, we’ve made it our life’s goal to cut through the proverbial #menswear fuckery and deliver you only the purest of truisms.”

    This is the Jar Jar Binks of things that have been said on this website that I have hated. Just heaping BS. Unless (of course) it is Opposite Day, in which case it would then be the Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez of things I have loved that have been said on this website.

    • Jake Woolf

      Are people still making Opposite Day jokes?

    • Lawrence

      You sound like the Michael Jordan of assholes.

    • Ryan

      Go outside

    • Davey

      Sorry guys… thought we were all on the same page about JarJarBinks. Stepping off my soapbox for a second – While I wouldn’t ever put myself on the same list as His Airness, I guess I was being pretty critical.

  • Josh

    What’s with all the heavy advertising today? It’s super annoying trying to get by my daily read of Four Pins…. come on don’t sell out like this.

    • Lawrence

      Sorry, Josh. I guess it’s taking a little bit more to keep the lights on today.

  • Plexus

    such a weird entry-level article

    • Plexus

      also TOMS is the worst thing to happen to philanthropy since Steve Jobs

      • PoorAfricanBoyWhoJustGotToms

        How so?

  • Themediabull

    I agree with everything EXCEPT leather jackets.

  • Tyler

    what the fuck just happened in the comments?

    • Tyler

      never mind, browser error.

  • Pseudomass

    Oh man, I love my Common Projects white sneakers (just like in the photo!). But I don’t wear suits to work, only jeans and chinos so I wear my sneakers a lot also on weekends. Plus I really want a Schott Perfecto leather jacket! – someday. I also wear ‘loud’ socks sometimes ­čśŤ

    • Josh DCG

      You also use the “:P” face, so…

  • takethatskeletor

    I live in the midwest and I must say my parka is the most essential article of clothing/whatever that I’ve ever bought. It gets pretty damned cold in Chicago, and no I’m not cold when I wear it, best piece of winter gear I’ve ever purchased

  • tony

    regarding the tux, you only need to answer two questions: 1) is it after 6:00pm? 2) are you a farmer?

  • Art

    Jon Moy make everything seem essential

  • Andrew

    Re: Leather Jackets – These are really easy to thrift for a lot less money. Might not be absolutely perfect, but if you really want one, these things are everywhere.

  • Tj Matally

    Woolf nailed it. I fuckin’ hate it when #menswear dudes *cough* DAN TREPANIER *cough* tell me to invest in something as ridiculous as a $10,000-$30,000 watch. Like bruh, do I look like ‘Ye to you? Some of his posts are still on point though. Excuse my mini Disqus rant.

  • Stirling Matheson

    FYI: A ballerina’s feet would be WAY bloodier and more deformed.

  • Davey

    I do love my colorful socks; if only because I know they are there. I can jump on board with that luxe shaving hate, however.

  • Gabriella M

    Toms =/= espadrilles.

  • ChilltownTV

    Leather and down parkas should be excluded from the list tho…

  • Amy

    No way in hell you can knock colorful socks. This article is so bluntly opinionated it’s not even near credible. Also, fix up the spelling errors. Sloppy mistakes.

  • HGHandSkIttLzz

    i’mma wear espadrilles with my khaki tuxedo

  • louis12

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  • ryan

    Which essential lists are you reading?