The More Tattoos Your Have, The Cooler These Shirts Will Look

These Reyn Spooner shirts are on some certifiable dad on summer vacation vibes aka they are pretty fucking dope. Except to really pull these shirts off as a young man, you need to either have some pretty legit facial hair or some amazingly badass tattoos with an emphasis on rare hand tattoos. The more tattoos you have, the cooler these shirts will look. You’ll be, like, a vintage surfer brah crossed with a Teddy Boy and girls that dress up like ‘50s pin-ups will smile when you walk into the bar.

  • dp

    See, I like the style on this site but one of the other columns was knocking anchors and here we have nautical theme.

    • Lawrence

      All our writers think for themselves and so should you.

      • Woofs Mackenzie

        but thinking is hard!