The Most Beautiful Men’s Clothing Stores In The World

With online retailers raking in more than, I don't know, roughly $1 trillion last year, the livelihood of physical stores remains in clear and present danger. While Darwinian logic suggests that e-commerce is a necessary death blow to physical retailers, there are a select few stores around the globe making a defiant case for the traditional brick and mortar approach. And nowhere is this more apparent than in menswear, a corner of the market historically flush with customers content to purchase garments IRL. A plethora of men’s haberdashers exist solely to cater to those looking for a truly hands on experience. These stores champion the sale of men’s clothing in an environment befitting those very garments’ quality. Whether luxurious, intimate, quirky or historic, one thing is clear: they’re all handsome spaces in which you will divest yourself of both your disposable and non-disposable income.


    when i die bury me inside the…

  • Pedro Blanco

    Um, that picture of F.I.L. is from Wan Chai in Hong Kong, NOT the TOkyo store…

    • Jake Woolf

      Fixed. Thanks for the heads up. F.I.L. Tokyo pictures are hard to come by.

  • guest

    you forgot haven vancouver

    • Randy Lai

      If you wanna get technical also the WANT Apothecary in Westmount, Montreal should also have gone on this one…fantastic little drug store/retail concept (shout outs to J.Crew liquor)

  • CJ

    you only have a few stores from japan??? u think visvim is it in tokyo?? its only the begining!

    • Randy Lai

      Fella – we could do a whole separate list of the best menswear stores in Japan, and it would be very, very, very long

  • Seth Johnson

    Your Billy Reid Picture is from their newly opened Georgetown store.

    • Randy Lai

      Duly noted – we’ll remedy that asap, thanks for the tip

  • Mike Smith

    You should get a pulitzer for the term ‘unfuckwitable’, terms like this are what keep me coming back.

  • Nadia

    brooks brothers at your local westfield shopping centre?

  • Josua Kärnbo

    How did you not include LN-CC, shit’s amazing

  • JY

    Fivestory NYC!