The Most Iconic Celebrity Accessories Of All Time

Want to become a celebrity known more for an idiosyncratic affectation than for your talent or lack thereof? Well, you need to have a signature accessory, bro. Or maybe having an iconic accessory is how you become famous and wealthy beyond your dreams in the first place? I’m not really sure how it works, since the only signature accessory I possess is debilitating laziness. But I can tell you that we all remember the following celebrities not only for their personalities and bodies of work, but for their sweet, enviable accessories game. So, without further ado, here are the most iconic celebrity accessories of all time.

  • JB

    Paul Newman? The salad dressing guy? Why’s he on this list?!

    • Andy

      Not sure if trolling … or just stupid

  • Michael

    you forgot Jon Moy’s iconic cane-sword

  • averagemanfitnessandstyle

    Batman’s utility belt LOL

  • anton bozich

    i love the racial misappropriation comment about gwen stefani! so on point and not called out enough haha

  • Jerry Ramirez

    Please replace “That Guy From The St. Lunatics’ Phantom of The Opera Mask” with M.F. Doom & his mask.

  • Barack Obama

    Ben Baller in reference to The Queen of England.

    … and that´s why I keep coming back to this website (no homo)

    Also, I would say Bill Clinton´s cigar is more famous than Fidel´s

  • 10piece

    no james bond on this list?

  • SilvaLopez

    You forgot Jacques Cousteau’s beanie. So fucking dope.

  • fts5000

    Lennon’s glasses? Keef’s Skull ring? Sid’s padlock necklace? Jim’s leather pants? Madonna’s pointy bra? Ramones’ leather jackets? James Brown’s cape?
    Flava Flav’s clock?

  • fts5000

    abner louima’s broomstick??? cmon!