The Most Useless Summer Purchases of 2013

Summer 2013 is finally here. Like, you're officially living this shit as we speak. It's that time of year when you finally get to have a little bit of fun, enjoy the outdoors, eat well and, if you're a real lucky chap, get lucky with some interns. All of these exciting things also force you to start spending some paper because no one wants to be that guy who always dips before the check comes or stays home on the weekends. That guy has no friends. With that being said, just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to flex 24/7. Strategic BMFing is the name of the game, which is exactly why we're here. Get familiar with this summer's most useless purchases to avoid turning your checking account into some Lehman Brothers-esque mega collapse.

  • Adolf

    I also hate most things. We should meet up for coffee some time.

  • Afro_Nebula

    Let people wear and buy what the fuck they want.
    Shut yall hating asses up

    • Jake Woolf

      Word, word. Quick question though. Is it hard to type in jorts?

      • Kevin


  • trickasso prickasso

    fourpins’ ongoing war on espadrilles reminds me why I started coming here in the first place. keep fighting the good fight.

  • Sergio Bello

    I hate everything too… Am I cool now?

  • GarrettAFNYC

    I own a panama, I’m bald…I probably don’t look great in it; the #menswear haters probably refer to me as the douche on the other side of the street. But like my man moyj said last summer, “…finding a hat is a lot like going bald. You have to accept certain things about yourself you never thought you had to.” Being a douche from 11am-6pm on the weekends is better than skin cancer I guess……………ugh…or is it?

  • asshole

    wow that’s a whole lot of hating! I think I need to undertake every single one of those out of spite now… Hating is so 00s

  • iknowright

    The whole thing about the designer t-shirt is cringe-worthy. Why even ware a pair of jeans or even better, underwear, since were all gonna drip in sweat during the day. If life is really like that for you, seriously take a pill, it’ll cheer you up.

  • dp

    Mandals shown throughout this site as well as designer tees. Those jorts don’t represent what is on the street. Guarantee there are people in your office rocking jorts and Tom’s. I would agree with this except I think ya’ll are guilty too. But thanks for the pointers.