The New Menswear Essentials

In the world of menswear, the idea of which items are "essential" to a man's wardrobe is a debate that has plagued our cultural subset since its inception (pretty much 2008). We've already tried to reverse engineer that shit by working backwards through the process of elimination, but as menswear has evolved into the monster it is today, it's clear that the vital signs have changed—some things have become boring and, perhaps, wrongfully grounded in nostalgia, while others have ascended, climbing the ladder of relevance. If you're really all about getting dressed, then you've probably stocked up on the standards. But where do those of us who have ascended to 2.0 (or just love spending money) go from here? What handful of items define our evolution? Our growth? Let's explore the new menswear essentials.

  • Godiva

    seriously? disagree with man tunic, Timberland boots especially, the patterned short sleeve shirt pictured, nasty outlandish footwear, and fishtail parka.

    • Carlos

      Stick to chocolate.

    • The Atlas

      The fishtail parka is pretty much the most ugly thing I’ve seen all year, including Givenchy ss13

  • Mitch


  • Guest

    Redwings G, a real homie don’t play the Timberland game

  • The Atlas

    Probably the most conceited article I’ve read on here yet. It pretty much reads as follows:

    “Yo! MY BRO DUDE BROOO. MRSKERRHBRUH. Here’s a sloppily written ramble about what we think you don’t know about menswear! For instance, we know this garment’s cool, and is always going to be cool and a staple too. So, let’s take a big Four-Pins shit on it and tell the readers; Hey! Asshole! This new shit stained garment is better! Fuck your conception and your fucking opinion too, ours just befouled the shit out of both of them!”

    Also what’s with the ‘rape culture’ embracing in that Red Wing vs. Timberlands segment, shit’s not cool holmes, so don’t joke about it.

    Edit: Needed more “bros” and “dudes”

  • jack

    cool i will now show this to someone who actually needs a clue unlIKE READERS OF: THIS TSITE WHO ALREADY: KNOW ALL THIS

    • Jake Woolf

      Will you actually? We’re always looking to have fresh eyes on the site. And thanks for being a frequent reader.

      • jack

        naw man can i just can relevant content like how to make a DIY noragi? you just told me jordans, sweatpants and flyknits were cool, its like i’m in first grade

        • Lawrence


          You’re a savvy reader, we get it. But not everyone is as tight butthole as you, homie. Four Pins is for the children.

          • Rick Rude

            Maybe if you, Lawrence Schlossman, editor in chief regulated this putrid, shit heap, people wouldn’t complain. You’re quick to defend your writers, but easily as quick to dismiss the readership. You’re an elitist jag bag who captains a misfit of hacks. Go write a list about it you chain-smoking, verbal charlatan.

          • Lawrence

            I wasn’t dismissing the readership and never do. On occasion, I may dismiss A READER who I have deemed unequivocally misinformed.

            Remember, one man’s putrid shit heap, is another chain-smoking, verbal charlatan’s highly-enjoyable day job.

            Thanks for participating in the discussion, Mr. Rude.

          • jack

            yo if four pins is for the children i’m out. we need #influencer level shit. can you find someone who is interested in reading this that doesn’t already know all this? i’m not that tight yall are too loose

          • Lawrence

            Touche. I’m sorry you didn’t appreciate this one. Hopefully we can find a way to make it up to you, Jack.

          • Rick Rude

            I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your communication, it wasn’t in slide show format and didn’t talk to the readership like a sartorial svengali preying on those looking for a little more than run of the mill editorial with catchy titles. You sir, with your cushy day job, are like a waiter who continually spits in a person’s soup. Your approach to media, execution and smarmy attitude is like watching a farm animal with a monocle licking at it’s utters. Good day, vile sir!

  • SC

    bucket hats are for clowns. fad will be dead by 2014

    • queb

      All hats are for clowns. Some of us have hair and a haircut.

    • AheadOfTheFUCKINGGame

      Cowboy Hats: Menswear Staple of 2014

  • Facts Jack

    Jake Woolf is a piece of shit.

    • Lee

      Jake Woof rocks a gimp suit and Air Jordan III’s and Harlem Shakes for change in Times Square.

      • Nadia

        not v nice.

  • dad jeans 4evr

    moral of the story: jake woolf stop trying to be jon moy

    • NotJesusChrist

      I only support you because I agree with your username

  • Jamie Clawson

    I like the Blue Moon ad I’m getting in the background, is that what I should be drinking in my new outfits?

  • MouseAlexander

    where are the JORTS?!?!?!?!?!

  • Da Truth

    Four Pins…you official suck!!!

  • Mackenzie Leighton

    Jake, who makes the “Fashionable Sports Jersey” you pictured?

    • Jake Woolf


  • Ken P

    Or how about, don’t listen to any of this and dress however the fuck you want. I was always under the assumption that four-pins was the “anti-essentials-list” menswear site. Seems I was wrong.

    • Lawrence

      Anti-essentials, but pro-new-essentials.

  • Niels

    Jake Woolf’s reply via twitter: “People on the internet, never not getting butt hurt by lists of things on the internet.”

    Perhaps you should note that the problem isn’t US…its’ you. You having access to a platform of readers and a laptop is like giving Lorena Bobbit a kitchen knife. Your arsenal of sludge has an odor that no amount of retaW tags could hide.

    you stink!

  • joe

    Bring back James the Intern.

  • aaron

    Jordans? Really?

  • Andy

    Jake, you deserve a raise. No one starts a comment flame war on this site faster than you. I can’t even figure out how enough people already read this whole list to be so pissed about it…

  • Lucas . Gotta love the commenters

  • fallasleep

    Wait. Barbours are going the way of obsolete, yet this very website wrote about how dope Barbours were a MERE 48 FUCKING HOURS AGO? A little consistency goes a long way around the internet, FP.

    • Lawrence

      We’re not saying anything on this list is REPLACING another garment. These are ADDITIONS to your established collection of essentials.

  • trickasso prickasso

    let the haters hate, this is a solid albeit imperfect list

    some thoughts:

    -idk if I will ever get onboard with the man-tunic trend. seems like it would make any guy under 6′ look like a hobbit
    -running sneakers not for running is the best thing to happen to menswear recently
    -dad jeans are the tits and I need another pair
    -patterned shorts, also the tits

  • Shawn

    Jake, you do a really poor job of writing. It seems like all you want to do is start a flame war and cause minor controversy. You sir, are a turd

    • Lawrence

      I can assure you 100% that our intentions behind this piece, and all others like it, are NOT to start a flame war. If you think we enjoy sifting through comments like these, you are sorely mistaken, Shawn.

  • Sir

    perfect list

  • Nigel

    where is that baseball jersey pictured from

    • Lawrence

      I don’t blame you for not even bothering to read the comments on this one to find out. That baseball jersey is from Sandro.

  • Colin Loberg

    Does anyone have a link on the backpack?

  • Melody

    I’m really looking forward to Jake Woolf’s next two pieces:

    1. How I plan on spending my Bar Mitzvah money &

    2. 10 Reasons Why my Bacne is Cooler Than a Damien Hirst painting.

  • C.B.

    It’s supposed to be tongue in cheek. Some of it made me chuckle, I don’t see why everyone is getting their ck briefs in a twist about it.

  • Devan Prithipaul

    What is the jacket for the technical outerwear slide?

    • john

      H&M Sportswear

  • Devan Prithipaul

    What is the technical outerwear piece called?

  • that nigga

    people getting mad over a four pins article smh

    ya’ll need to reevaluate your lives if you’re getting heated over hyperbolic articles about clothes

  • Guest

    people shit-talking a blog, with op-ed lists and write-ups, are most likely out of touch. this list is a little behind on a few trends but this is just one opinion. comb the streets yourselves, if you dont see everything that is listed here within half an hour then come back and bitch, otherwise take a trip to some of the fashion capitals of the world and get a fucking clue.

  • OJ

    struggling to figure out why ppl are getting so fucking hormonal over an article – the irony and satire are the best elements of fourpins, and if ppl dont appreciate their nike rosheruns getting poked fun at, they probably shouldnt be reading this site (read or some shit like that). and of remember THEYRE JUST CLOTHES. ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS

  • James Wilson

    Criticism is v important but I don’t see anyone posting a link to their New Menswear Essentials list that is sooo much better.



  • theguy


  • E Z

    Lawrence, who makes the denim shirt? and that bangle?

  • freedonutsfresh

    Damn never seen so damn many comments on here before

  • Geoffrey

    I have a feeling the people hating this article are ugly.

    I loved it

  • Tellis

    No shout-out to Schoolboy Q for tipping you to the Bucket Hat game?

  • khaled

    what were the fancy sweatpants shown

    • Rambo

      Yohji Yamamoto (y-3) I think…

  • AllWhite_AllRight

    Running shoes and chinos and OCBD looks retarded like wtf is wrong with you you look like a 13 year old mexican kid who browses hypebeast and listens to “RVIDXR KLVN”

  • Maison..

    broooo i been on Kimonos…. you lookin at mushu the dragon himself… Komono Dragon gang on deck….

  • nobody

    where is that denim western shirt from?

  • Dave Hahn

    A few good things on this list but the majority is definitely a sign of “trying too hard”. I mean, it feels like you just went to Urban Outfitters and started this list up? Don’t think I’m too far off the mark here. Instead of copping pointless gear to replace the good stuff you already got, how about hitting the gym? Having actual muscles on your shoulders and back will do a lot more for impressing the ladeez than wearing some bright soled wingtips. Just sayin’…

    • Carver Low

      this ain’t no m-fing self-help blawg

  • t

    The chore jacket killed me.



  • money marve

    what kind of bucket hat is that

  • sarah

    This is actually some of the best writing this site or Complex has – even when you’ve got articles on how to be stylish, or how you know when you’re trying too hard to be stylish! *giggle*

  • cozyKev

    could someone inform me where to cawp a man tunic for not $700?



  • pk

    Anyone know where the:

    1. Casual, Double Breasted Sportcoat

    2. Chore Coat

    Are from?



  • Blakely

    Where is the double breasted blazer from

  • michael jordan

    the faggot in charge your facebook page reposts this article literally every day
    i know i’m not supposed to take anything seriously anymore but it is really truthfully obnoxious

  • John Jones
  • Z bashua

    Cowboy hats sometimes even when you have a nice haircut. bucket hats, jerseys, no no no. Jordans are optional, they dont make them like they used to…
    Fishtail Parka and a Minimalist backpack are a must so gear up for the summer

  • Warriah

    Mega lulz at all the anons hating The Woolf™ at least he’s being productive and projecting his opinions.