The Only Pair Of Sunglasses That Can Melt The Heart Of Our Asshole Intern

I will admit it right here, rich people are in every way, shape and form better than me. Not because you’re actually better than me, but because you can buy these Garret Leight x Thierry Lasry shades. They are absolutely 100% amazing. I usually sit around the office on my swivel chair just shitting on products and being a general asshole, but not today. No siree. You know how you catch dudes on Jerry Springer who are married to inanimate objects and shit? Like, the dude is married to an inflatable doll? Yeah, that would be me with these glasses. I would be strictly monogamous and only have eyes for them, no pun intended. Catch me burning candles and getting the oil ready for pair of bifocals with vintage inspired clip on blockers. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Tjay

    I say this with all honesty, I teared up in class when I saw these. I so wish I had 445 dollars right now… Fuck being lower middle class.

  • Free max b tho(no homo)

    aye this are tight as fuck. Too bad my pockets are tight right now as well. fuck me