The Only Two Reasons To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

Maison Kitsune, proponents of upscale Parisian basics that I have no fucking clue who can afford, just dropped their latest batch of graphics. In contrast to the typically luxurious MK offerings, the $237 sweatshirts and $145 tees of these streetwear-leaning garments make them seem like Costco brand, which is awesome if you love Costco. As you can probably tell, the graphic designers over at Maison Kitsune are pretty straight shooters, with one of the graphics simply depicting the words "MUSIC, FASHION, MAISON KITSUNE" separated by some rectangles. And you know what? I fuck with it. Like me, they know that music and fashion are really the only two reasons to get out of bed in the morning.

  • hunterp

    That ripping off the RUN-DMC design might be cool if I hadn’t already been seeing it for roughly the last 12 months. Oh wait, no – at those prices it still wouldn’t be cool.

    • hunterp

      Sorry – just found a post from 2007 where somebody’s complaining about the same thing. So strike 12 months, make it like 7 years.

    • Alex

      You’re quite clearly missing the point.

  • Vinny Tang
  • liamout

    didn’t i just read an article on here saying how tired they are of seeing people rip of the RUN-DMC design?