The Perfect Menswear Store Blueprint

You can sit on the Internet all you want, doing market round-ups of "The Best Oxford Cloth Shirts, 2007-2009," posting selfies in your new dad jeans until your thumbs fall off, but you're never really going to make your mark on the illustrious world of menswear unless you claim some IRL territory, stick your custom made boro flag in the ground and open up a store. You're probably thinking, "But I have NO FUCKING CLUE HOW TO OPEN OR OPERATE A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS ENDEAVOR." Do you really think anyone in fashion even knows what a profit and loss statement is? C'mon homie, you're better than that. At the very least, we definitely are, which is why we're here to lay out blueprint plans on you.

  • WAVY

    Sit down son. You’re not entitled to an opinion on rap when you misspell Memphis Bleek.

    • Lawrence

      “Bleak” was my Freudian slip.

      • WAVY

        lol poor Malik

  • Teddy Ballgame

    Jake Woolf is the type of person who presses the elevator button after someone already presses it first. You’re the worst.

    • Rick Rude

      Jake Woolf has a series of bukakke videos called “Surface to Air.”

      • Kenneth Noisewater

        the greatest comment of all time on any website ever

    • Jake Woolf

      And you’re the type of person who waits around for someone to write something on the internet just so you can anonymously say something obnoxious. So we’re even.

      • Teddy Ballgame

        we’re in the Matrix. And you’re the type of writer who waits around knowing that someone is waiting around to say something clever and witty about your terrible work.

        • Lawrence

          Thanks for the totally awesome Hypebeast-level Ouroboros, guys. I’m sure you both have more important shit you could be doing.

  • Kerry Rhodes

    confused at the comments, these kinds of articles are why I read four-pins. if they hate the site so much, I’m not sure why they still read it

    • Lawrence

      IDK even know anymore, man.

      • WAVY

        Cmon L you have tougher skin than that. Can’t be bad to the point where you ”don’t know even know”

        • Lawrence

          Bruh, you’re not the one who’s required to read through EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. Shit is so fucking annoying.

  • Darwin or Einstein or Franklin

    Of all the four-pins posts in this bored world, this is not the one to be all mad on (did your uncle open a store that doesn’t have rugs or something?). Also, lets all just admit that whenever there is only one of those little up arrows by your comment … you did it yourself.

    • Lawrence

      Up arrow statement the truest thing we have left *up arrows self*

  • Michael Di Gennaro


  • TiagoJAM

    How am I suppose to convince a hot girl to hang out at my supposed to be future shop? Do I have to talk to her? This looks unrealistic…

    • Marc

      Just learn howtotalktogirlsatparties

  • Devan Prithipaul

    This article is actually pretty great! Not to forget, vintage sewing machine is a must, doesnt matter if you know how to use it, a vintage singer is an essential if you want people to take you seriously. bonus points if you say that all of your house made stuff is sewn on it.

  • Sjoerd Krijnen

    Yo Jakie Flakie Bakie, Wazzzaaaaaaap? Good list, man!

  • Genteel Flair

    If people aren’t coming here to read up and be entertained first and foremost by everything menswear, I don’t see the point. Not many sites add a comedic flair to their act. Great article.