The Rich And Ridiculous “Fashion Kids” Of Instagram

Instagram, in its young history, has, without a doubt, become the most prominent social media platform for digital bragging, humble or otherwise. The photo-driven format makes it so easy to share everything from a mediocre brunch to a new purchase to a girl you're pretending to sleep with. For many, the sole function of Instagram is as a vessel of self-validation and/or general stunting. Of course, this means that the more you buy, the more you have to share, which, surprise, surprise, means rich people have wayyy more to share. Cars and exotic locales are cornerstones of the "Rich Kids Of Instagram" lifestyle, yet clothing is often the most shared purchase amongst this unique species of enviable monsters. Copped a new Givenchy T-shirt? Selfie on deck. Finally completed your collection of every Kanye West sneaker ever released? 'Gram that shit. Clothing is so moveable, easy to see and, DUH, wearable, that not posting something fly is the real challenge. While we at Four Pins are firm believers that taste and style are things that cannot be bought, the characters featured above are certainly trying their best with mixed results. At the end of the day, you—the casual observer and devote user of Instagram—deserve to be entertained. And what better way to be entertained than to follow some of the richest and most ridiculous fashion kids that make the "Explore" page look like the line outside of a soup kitchen.