The Rich And Ridiculous “Fashion Kids” Of Instagram

Instagram, in its young history, has, without a doubt, become the most prominent social media platform for digital bragging, humble or otherwise. The photo-driven format makes it so easy to share everything from a mediocre brunch to a new purchase to a girl you're pretending to sleep with. For many, the sole function of Instagram is as a vessel of self-validation and/or general stunting. Of course, this means that the more you buy, the more you have to share, which, surprise, surprise, means rich people have wayyy more to share. Cars and exotic locales are cornerstones of the "Rich Kids Of Instagram" lifestyle, yet clothing is often the most shared purchase amongst this unique species of enviable monsters. Copped a new Givenchy T-shirt? Selfie on deck. Finally completed your collection of every Kanye West sneaker ever released? 'Gram that shit. Clothing is so moveable, easy to see and, DUH, wearable, that not posting something fly is the real challenge. While we at Four Pins are firm believers that taste and style are things that cannot be bought, the characters featured above are certainly trying their best with mixed results. At the end of the day, you—the casual observer and devote user of Instagram—deserve to be entertained. And what better way to be entertained than to follow some of the richest and most ridiculous fashion kids that make the "Explore" page look like the line outside of a soup kitchen.

  • David

    Fucking faggots

  • Chad Fertil

    Forgot always fresh apparel

  • dweezler

    If I did this when I was their age I’d kick my own ass.

  • huiche7


  • Trey Michaels

    being broke is a blessing in so many ways

  • queb

    One of the crucial things that limited means teaches you is how to wear what you’ve got to its fullest potential. These guys don’t so much put outfits together as make themselves billboards for their own affluence and hybeasting.

  • JaredBanks

    hey money can’t buy you style

  • SP the Photog

    these kids are the worst fuckin dressed people on the planet……no personal style Style > Fashion

  • SwWyYf

    I’m not gonna hate on their steeze, but if I learned one thing reading this article it’s if you wanna be fashion kid – have no muscle tone, c’mon guys what the FUCK!? Can style freaks do P90x or something!?

  • SBtheRecessRebel

    Ian Conner is dope.

    • Themediabull


      Ok, I’m DEAD. You officially won the internet

  • Sal

    It’s a god thing they have lots of money; otherwise none of these dudes would ever get within 5 foot of a woman. They’re all ugly as hell.

  • juelz santana

    and people still saying that bullying is a bad thing

  • Steven

    Except for A$AP LOU and Olivier Rouststeing, all of these kids look like egotistical, spoiled dooche bags who don’t have to work a single day in their spoiled little lives to buy mostly pointless clothes just to try to impress people.


    B Sales tha gawd description was on point. 8)

  • sfcbj

    Ian Connor rich?

    • Lawrence

      Who knows? He IS ridiculous though.

  • Matthew Winston


    Swag is basically stealing someone’s style and fashion, basic, amateur.
    Most of these kids are swaggers.

  • brinebombs

    bad haircuts of instagram

  • REGG

    This post came in a perfect timing in my life, I was tripping all Day about these fucking people, designer dick blower.

  • astonanderson

    Some one needs to drop these niggas. Except for asap lou

  • Obvious

    A$AP Lou gets a pass coz every rap crew needs a weed carrier. Everyone else……slide 9’s eyebrows

  • Truth.

    I love the fact that I can go on Instagram and look at people who wear high end and couture clothing. With it being a dying trend, it’s nice to see people who actually have interest in these things. Everyone has different values in different things and anyone who hates on these people are honestly just broke and jealous, I mean who doesn’t want a pair of louboutins or a super fast BMW? Don’t hate just because your measly blog can’t let you afford something nice.

    • tr143

      Considering every stand outside a bodega in NYC is selling studded sneakers and hats for $10, it shows you have more money (or credit) than taste, and it’s kind of fun to poke fun at kids like that.

      My question for you is, why are you defending these dweebs? They seem like they’re doing fine and have a healthy sense of confidence even with us poking fun at them. What’s in it for you?

    • NLongsfeld

      Yeah dude, these mavens of personal style are killing it in their “couture” clothing. They’re straight hypebeasts. They cop this shit strictly for the label, with no true appreciation for anything #menswear is about (style, tradition, fit, construction, quality, not taking things too seriously, etc.).

      “Anyone who hates on these people is honestly just broke and jealous.” I am broke, but I’m certainly not jealous. Like other commenters, I appreciate my money and where I spend it, so I choose to not to look like an asshole. And when was wearing couture clothing ever a “trend?” You’re a chump – probably one of the dicks in the pics.

      • ola

        etherrrrrrrrr lol

  • Rack Em

    Brandon Sales looks like such a chump lol

  • Rack Em

    Wonder how many of these kids are still virgins

  • SadTruth

    So much money spent to look so retarded.Most of these people look stupid. Any kid can look better in generic Walmart clothes than most of these people.

  • Patrick Bong

    You’d think at least one of these “rich instagramers” would spend some of their wealth on a personal trainer. I mean really.

    Maybe they don’t on purpose so they can buy all their expensive shit on sale cuz no one buys the XXS shirt hanging on the rack.

    • tr143

      This article is proof that it helps to be attractive or at least work on yourself too; clothes only get you so far. A dweeby elfin dude with shopping bags is still a dweeby elfin dude with shopping bags even if he’s head to toe in CDG.

  • Fam

    Ur hating on these people just bcs theyre rich and they share us their passion in luxury fashion..? :p what about those broke people who try too hard to look like rich ones and buy stuff they hardly afford to impress us.. Or those sluts who would do anything to let ther douchbags buy them luxuries? Dont u think THOSE are the pathetic ones and deserve similar article instead of these rich kids?:p

  • Henry.

    Did you really make a fucking article just to say how much you hate these kids? Like really? TF? You mad bro? I am not even rich and these guys are wack but fuck an extensive article about them? Really? You have NOTHING else on EARTH to write about?

    • tr143

      How is this not worth writing about? Quick blurb, gallery. Why so upset?

    • jbf

      you took your extensive time to read it

  • Guest

    I imagine most four pins readers would be mad lowkey if they had this much money. Like head to toe Engineered Guarments, quietly stunting on these kids.

    • Guest


  • Trailer Park Life

    the lil shits in sunvalle trailer park in the first pic LMFAO

  • Just Don


  • ohwell

    why people hatin? work hard ull get to do that also hehe…

    • God

      Yeah. ‘Cause that’s how the real world works for everyone……..

  • TiagoJAM

    To be a rich ass kid you must be Asian?

  • mac daddy

    where franalations at tho

  • reggendary

    Ian Connor & A$AP Lou aren’t really in the same boat as the rest of these guys

  • omankoboi


  • Ez

    Selfies ? Peasants who don’t have a butler take their pics. Meh.


    Four-Pins and Complex reaaallly need to stop making articles about these kind of people, it’s only validating their lives and encouraging them and other people like them.

  • Ces1ne?


  • astoastonanderson

    Bunch of fuck niggas. Except for asap lou

  • Jason Whitaker

    most of these “Kids” are not children, lame but not children, most of them are my age.

  • BWMN

    lol all that money and they still dress like shit

  • mike will

    @jerry_flacko is should of been on this

  • Jamal

    you forgot this guy @condominium

  • ola

    gay, ugly, whack oh look and gay again!

  • knite watch

    who makes those black leather dotted pants?

  • NJ

    brandon sales looks like a fuckin moron

  • Sarah kathryn

    Check out @trippswag on Instagram. Worst freaking style ever but thinks he is the shiz