The Skirt: 10 Weird Things Women Wear, Explained!

"The Skirt" is an ongoing series in which Four Pins' resident lady friend, Rachel Seville, becomes the most important woman in your life.

Just like men, women wear clothes. Most of the time, you guys are all, “CHUCH,” or even, “OH MY GOD, YOU’RE COOL." But sometimes, our togs confound you. Why are our pants so high? Is this outfit, like, one article of clothing? And why are we wearing sweatpants when we have a closet stuffed with Céline? That's why I'm here, to highlight the key totes magotes weirdo things we women love to drape ourselves in and explain why we wear them. WeLcOme 2 EnLiGhTenMeNt, bOyzZZz.

Rachel Seville is a writer living in New York who believes in miracles. Read her blog, Pizza Rulez, here and follow her on Twitter here.

  • robin

    tit togas may or may not be the best term i’ve heard all day

  • Oh Hai

    Still waiting for the soft cupping of a Sicilian man’s hand on my nutsack as he chalks me. A guy can dream.

    • Tumblrkid

      I get the feeling I’m not the only one who got here from a link on tumblr


    The women’s size issue is referred to as ‘vanity sizing”. Basically the idea is you will buy Givenchy bcuz you’re a size 34 in it, as opposed to a 38 in Celine.

  • LunaticVillage415

    I’ve never seen a woman wear a leather baseball cap in my life. The only people I’ve seen wearing leather baseball caps religiously are older black men over 40 years old who wear them with matching leather jackets. But a leather baseball cap is fresh because of the luxury material. A leather baseball cap will keep your head warm while still blocking the sun on those sunny but cooler days in the Fall and Winter.

  • Spurbe

    What kind of women wear leather hats? I haven’t seen any in my entire life, the information in the post is not 100% accurate.

  • Matthew Pike

    I’m pro high waisted, bloody love it. Fake pockets on anything, anywhere is a big no