The “So Fugly, It’s Dope” List

We must accept the fact that there are some things in life that we may never truly understand. Like, the origin of life. Or, why girls love Target so much. Or, how Birkenstocks can be so fucking ugly, yet so fucking cool at the same time. While we can’t explain how something can be so hideous that it magically evolves into something dope, we for sure can compile a definitive list of ugly ducklings that grew into really cool, but still totally ugly ass swans.

  • **** **** ******

    Initially judging by picture #1 I thought you’re being so off the mark I should stop reading four-pins altogether but by #14 you won me back (while still remaining off the mark, though).

  • Geoffrey

    By the cover pic I thought this was a critique of leaked photos of kanye x apc

  • WolvesAteMyDad

    visvim is fugly? fuck outta here, Four Pins is my go-to for shoes with mad heel inserts. Yall luh dat shit unironically, admit it.

  • gimms

    I agree with slide 16, have you seen “city of angels”?

  • huiche7

    APC haha…

  • eleganTThug

    i really cannot believe those new raf joints

  • The Atlas

    Finally, someone admits Raf Simons shoes are rubbish and Rick Owens hightops are fugly. good books fourpins

  • SleezyBee

    The Ghost Face comment made the post.. I can’t co-sign with visvim though.. Fuck ‘Em.

  • Matthew Pike

    Yeah I don’t get Visvim either, but maybe I’m not quite there yet. Need a stock up on fleeces now