The Stacey Dash Of Jackets

Ten C is designed by two former Stone Island and C.P. Company designers, which means that the jacket-only (natch) collection is as technically advanced as almost any other jacket on the market. Sidenote: when is NASA gonna get into the apparel game? Ten C took the pretty much perfect M-65 and tweaked it just enough to have us considering buying another very expensive jacket. The fabric is a custom developed micro nylon/polyester jersey made in Japan and finished in Italy. Apparently the fabric will mold and break in based on the wearer in over time. This jacket will not only last a long time, but look better with age—kinda like Stacey Dash. Did you guys know Stacey Dash is 46-years-young? Get a jacket at that's almost as fine as Stacey Dash at The Bureau.

  • Mike

    I totally get the entire making something old new again. I can honestly even accept the pricing on many of the products in this vain, but seriously? This jacket is damn near an exact replica of the real thing. The real thing that can be found at most vintage surplus type shops for $60 or so bucks. Add $15 for dry cleaning and there you have it. Nice jacket, but fuck all.