The Steady Defection Towards Canada

If the steady defection toward Canada Goose hasn't gained mainstream traction yet, consider this the draft dodging of jackets. Canada Goose recently dropped a super high-end line of jackets dubbed the Italian Luxury Collection (because everything super high-end always ends up being "Italian" anyhow), featuring Loro Piana wool and some fancy storm system technology that's supposed to protect ya neck from the elements. The Como parka and D'Alpago bomber both feature removable fur trims, which I'm not about because LOOK, but do you. And yes, there's also the furless Bergamo parka that's equally spectacular if not a little less wealthy, for people like me. Alas, luxury garments come with luxury prices. In this case, luxury prices are $1,300-$1,600.

  • dipset get ur lips wet

    much better than there shitty played out bombers. goose heads we know about cha

  • Alex Dreyer

    Hugo keeps those pussies in check!